Love at first sight: Why I fell in love with UL and Ireland

Slovakian student Laura details why she has fallen in love with the University Of Limerick as well as Ireland as a whole. The friendliness of Irish people, the magnificent UL campus and the unpredictable weather combined to provide Laura with a unique sense of home and comfort here in Ireland.

Picking country for Erasmus is super hard. So many options and opportunities. You never know what you are choosing because you must experience it in order to find out and be able to judge if your decision was good. But my UL (and Ireland) experience made me fall in love on my first day. And here are my top 3 reasons why. 

  1. People 

I´m surprised by how nice people in Ireland are on daily basis. Moving to a completely new country even if it´s only for a few months can make you feel lonely and homesick. To be honest, thanks to all the people I met at UL I have to say I haven´t felt homesick at all, which is weird because I expected to feel that way. All my fears were taken away by the amazing staff at the university who are always willing to help you with anything and everything. And when I say everything, I literally mean everything. As an Erasmus student, meeting people at UL is easy so there is no need to feel scared. An amazing international community of people from all around the world will form your Irish family and friendships like that last forever. You can also join many societies and clubs so you will meet a lot of new people, and I can only recommend it. 

  1. Campus 

Before coming to UL, I had no idea how huge and amazing their campus is. You can spend your whole day there and you don´t feel bored at all! Hungry? Plenty of restaurants all around the campus. Want to share a cup of tea or coffee with a friend? There´s Starbucks and Costa on campus! Need to study? UL´s library will make you feel focused whenever you need it. The best thing about it is that the whole campus is very a friendly and cozy place even if it´s so huge. And if you need to relax a bit after all your lectures, you can always use the pitches there or just walk alongside the River Shannon.  

  1. Weather 

I know this will sound totally weird, but yes, weather is one of the reasons I love UL and Ireland. Ireland is so crazy and unpredictable, and it actually is a lot of fun. You can basically never match your outfit with the weather conditions, but the funny part is that after few weeks you will get used to it and now I do not even care if it´s raining or not. The sun is like a gift here. Experiencing sunsets on UL campus is a must and definitely one of my best memories from UL so far.  

So those are my top 3 reasons why I love UL so much. But there is so much more. It´s your turn to find out for yourself and to fall in love with UL too! 

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