Surviving your first Irish Winter

The Irish climate is often times very unpredictable as explained by Sakshi in this blog. However, if you follow the tips and tricks below, you will be ready for any conditions.

Many of you, like me, might have grown up in a much warmer climate than the one you currently live in. Irish winters tend to be wet, freezing and sunless, so its best to be prepared when the first blast of cold weather hits! International residents will find that it takes some getting used to, so I have put together some useful advice to stay warm and cosy for the next three or four months.

Layering is the key – wearing two or three layers of clothing often works better than just a single bulky jacket as this insulates the body, plus it can be easier to move around in. If you need to use a computer, fingerless gloves can be useful.

When going outdoors, carry a strong umbrella and/or a quality raincoat. Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable, and rain can hit at the worst times. Umbrellas often fall short here, owing to high wind speed (remember Storm Barra?) and will easily turn inside out, which ruins them. To avoid this, invest in a strong, high-quality umbrella or even better, a raincoat. Carry these around to stay dry and warm.

Pick a pair of waterproof shoes, boots are especially handy for the winter. Snow rarely falls in Limerick, and it can be tempting to venture outdoors immediately. Just don’t forget to bundle up and carry an umbrella to keep the snowflakes off your head. An extra pair of socks in your backpack is good on the wettest days too.

Around the house…the chill often follows us inside so it’s important to bundle up indoors too. Buy a set of thermals and a jumper for everyday wear plus a pair of fuzzy slippers or socks. A hot water bottle or heating pad is great to have too on freezing nights, plus it will help cut down your electricity bill.             

You can spend the drier afternoons taking a hike in the outskirts of town or in UL, hopefully with a camera to capture the unique winter scenery. Be sure to soak up as much of the sunshine as you can. Or head into town to pick up some Christmas shopping and enjoy the festive lighting. Over the holidays, there are also plenty of fun things to do indoors when it’s just too cold outside. Read a new book from the local library, play a board game or even develop a new hobby!

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