Christmas in Limerick

Christmas can be a difficult time of year if you are spending it away from home. Student Ambassador Rahab has put together some suggestions of things you can do to feel festive and make the most out of spending the holiday season in Ireland.

Hurray!! You made it to the end of the Autumn Semester.  It’s time for a break and to enjoy the Christmas holidays. As an International student, a lot comes to mind if you are not going to have the usual Christmas together with your relatives. But guess what, Limerick has lots of activities you could engage in:

  • Plan to tour the city and enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations in town. If you are into photography, then you will love the awesome photo video opportunities along the streets.
  • Please visit the Christmas market and fairs in town. You will have the chance to buy so many Christmas gifts and decorations which you get to use to beautify your place or gift to your friends. Don’t miss out on the caravan ride within the city as well as pausing to listen to the Christmas melodies presented by the various choirs along the streets.
  • Make plans to visit other counties on a budget with some other international friends, what a way to explore Ireland for the period you are here. The country is so beautiful so go and visit Cork, Galway, or any other county on your wish list. Make every moment count!
  • If you plan on working over the month long break, take advantage of the three weeks before the end of the semester and apply to the various jobs. My friends and I did so and it did work quite well for us. Besides, who doesn’t wish to make some extra cash?

But all in all, enjoy and explore as much as you can over the holidays and get refreshed for the next semester. Happy holidays.

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