Groceries Under €1

In this blog, Student Ambassador Dain highlights the best ways to eat well on a budget. From cheap bargains to versatile foods, this is your guide to budget groceries in Ireland.

When studying abroad, it is really important to have good food and a balanced diet since your body is adapting to new environment. However, many students’ focus on sticking to food within their budget rather than the nutrients they consume.

In Limerick, groceries can be quite cheap and if you are careful enough, you can have a healthy and affordable food at the same time. People often ask “How much does it cost for a week grocery in Limerick?” I would say, 15 euro will be sufficient if you are tight on budget. So, here are a few foods I recommend and you can get just for a couple of cents!

Garlic bread for breakfast - Free Image by H-grapher on

Garlic Bread

In a number of grocery shops in Ireland, garlic bread is really common. It’s simple, delicious and most importantly, SUPER CHEAP! A garlic baguette can cost just around 0.28 cents.


Eggs in particular have good nutrients and we can cook them in so many ways. The eggs in Ireland can be quite cheap. 6 medium eggs generally just cost €0.99.


Many students love pasta because it’s easy and quick to make. A kilogram of pasta here may cost just 0.89 cents. You can also find a wide range of bottled sauces around the same price.

Selection of Vegetables

File:A selection of vegetables 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Want to have healthy food? Vegetables is definitely the answer! Here you can find carrots, potatoes, mushroom, spinach, cabbage, lettuce just below 1 euro. Depending on the weight, it ranges 0.59-0.99.


Yoghurt is an really common dairy product in Ireland. There are plenty types of it with less fat or even fruit flavours. The cheapest plain yoghurt here costs around 0.49.

Stay healthy, and happy shopping folks! 😊

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