How to Deal with Stress

While everybody deals with stress differently, Student Ambassador Anna has given some general tips that are sure to prove useful to all students during exam week.

Your time in Ireland travelling, exploring and studying at the University of Limerick, will fly by much faster than you might think. To make the end of your international studies as comfortable as possible, be aware that the exam week and the end-of-the-semester assignments will come sooner as think.

This can be a time were students struggle as for some, it means being in the Glucksman Library for many hours a day, lots of coffee, or more than one assignment due on the same day. In this case, it is important not to fall into a meltdown. I would like to share some tips with you that help me in overcoming these stressful moments.

1. Start Early

First and foremost; start early. Although your due dates seem so far away in the beginning, they will creep up quicker thank you think and knock on your door, especially, when you go travelling and have a joyful time with your new friends. If you notice many due dates around the same time, you should start working on them as soon as you can. Go to the library and begin with your research for an essay, for example. Try to set achievable and realistic work goals for the days and the weeks and prepare a timetable. You will notice that working small amounts consistently each day will not take away time from yourself or social activities.

2. Take Breaks

While studying, try being good to yourself and allow yourself several breaks during the day. You could establish a rhythm of breaks and work phases, that suits you personally, for instance: one-and-a-half hours of working and then a fifteen-minute break. Do not isolate yourself too much. If you are sitting too long at your desk it could impact your rest during the night.

If you start to feel yourself overcome with stress, provide yourself longer breaks to allow your mind to rest. Go outside and move your body. Moving your body reduces your stress hormones and refreshes your mind so that it will be easier for you to focus on your work again . It is most helpful for me to go on a walk along the Shannon, for example, or to go and grab a coffee.

3. Eat Healthy

I know there is not much time for cooking and your head will be absent as well, but at least attempt eating healthy. And especially, do not start skipping meals due to time shortage. Your body needs the energy and enough good food will help staying concentrated as well. Nuts and fruit are a nice snack to get energy. Chewing Gum helps me personally, too.

4. Do not put yourself under pressure

You might experience pressure to perform in order to achieve amazing grades or grades that you need to reach. Try distant yourself from these thoughts and focus on what you have achieved so far. Remember, to just try your best and offer the best effort that you are able to put into this situation. Do not start to feel under pressure or influenced if people are trying to push you. You are doing this for yourself, so stay focused on your goals.

I know it is hard and you might start to doubt, if you will make it but keep in mind that there were many other students, that have gone through this time before and they all made it. The day will come, when you can proudly submit your last assignment or can gladly leave the class room after your last exam.

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