Studying for Exams- Where? When? How? Why?

As we enter enter exam week, Student Ambassador Emma has some motivational words and last minute study tips to help you over the final line.

I bet we are all feeling the pressure of exams. If reading week has taught us anything, it’s that nothing, not even COVID, can slow down impending exams and final essays. Below are some helpful tips on the where’s, when’s how’s, and why’s of studying for final exams!

Where?: One of the most important parts of studying for exams is finding a good place to do it. Location really does matter. Find somewhere that works for you.

  • If you like complete silence, try the top floor of the library or perhaps lock yourself in your room to avoid all distractions.
  • If you like a little bit of noise, try an on campus cafe such as the pavilion or the cafe in the foundation building.

When?: Some of us work well with tight, last minute deadlines and pressure, while others need fair notice in order to perform their best. No matter which way works best for you, make sure you open your books and read your notes more than once.

How?: Struggling with ways to study? Tired of looking at your same page of notes for the past five hours? Mix it up!! Trying something new such as flash cards or having a friend quiz you could be helpful in getting information to stick. I swear by Quizlet, which allows you to put in information and test yourself online using flash cards or multiple choice mini quizzes, and a ton of other ways.

Why?: You may start to wonder, “why am I even doing this?”. Well, we’re at the finish line and we’re so close to closing the chapter of Fall 2021. If your struggling with why your studying so hard, remember the week one version of you. Do it for them.

Good luck to you all in preparing for those final exams, papers and projects. Just remember, you can do this! Take a deep breath and just try your best!

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