Find your perfect balance at UL: UL facilities

Sometimes it can be hard to wrap your head around the vast array of facilities that the University of Limerick offers to it’s students. In this blog, Student Ambassador, Senni has outlined the best bits of her favourite facilities and has even given some pro-tips!

There are many things that make the University of Limerick a great place to study abroad. For me and many others, the facilities available for students are at the top of the list. What I tend to think is that you can find an amazing study-life balance while here. The beautiful UL campus is full of things that will keep you busy during your study abroad. Here are some of my favorites:

UL Sports Centre

My favorite facility at UL is undoubtedly the sports center. For students living on campus, a membership is included in the accommodation fees, making it easily accessible, and it’s always just a short walk away. Whether you like working out in the morning or the middle of the day, in group sessions or independently, you will be able to do it here!

Exercise is super important while you are studying abroad and can act as a great break from your studies! The best part is that there is a lot to choose from inside and outside the sports center. Inside there is the pool, the gym section, and various group session classes all included in the membership. Then, there is also the possibility to book basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, and even climbing for a small fee! Outside there are various pitches, tennis courts, and a track available for use. There is something for everyone which really helps you to understand why UL is called “Irelands Sporting Campus”.

Glucksman Library

For your studies, if you need a quiet place to focus and do schoolwork, the Glucksman Library is the place to be! With three floors of study areas and a lot of resources, the library is the best place to get some work done any day of the week. The library is very popular with the students because of its cozy atmosphere and during the week, it’s always full morning to night with students working.

The library has just recently been renovated and extended, so there is lots of space. You can book study rooms to work on group projects or study with a friend. If you would study independently, you can find a seat on your own in one of the many study areas. Focusing can be difficult, but the library has a way of making studying feel a bit easier.

Pro-tip: If you want to spend a day catching up on assignments, go to the library on Sunday. Sundays are often very quiet at the library, which means you have all the space for yourself! I have had my most productive days on Sundays at the library.

Stables and the Student Centre

For the social side, the student center is a one-stop shop! Stables is a great place to meet with friends and make new ones. Definitely visit on a Friday evening for International Night, the best time to meet other students studying abroad and the Irish students as well. A personal favorite of mine is the Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays! You can stop by after class to grab some delicious food or coffee from local vendors and enjoy the afternoon with friends.

The student center is always bustling with activity and a great place to meet people. More often than not, you will leave with some free stuff as well!

Beyond that there are many other great amenities here at UL. There is a bookstore, a small grocery store, and several restaurants. There’s so much to discover at UL and you can be assured that you will find something to fit what you love to do!

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