Starting in UL – What to expect

Moving to a different country is something that none of us can be completely prepared for. I remember my first days on campus being chaotic and exhausting, and there are some things I would have done differently given the chance to do everything over again!

For one, I would suggest eating and sleeping at the right times. It can be tempting to fall asleep the first night at 5pm (especially if you are from a big time difference like myself), but if you stay up you will be adjusted that much sooner.

I attended almost all the Orientation events but the one I recommend the most is the is the coffee mornings! It was nice to drink some coffee, have a scone, and see what everybody else is up to. I met many of my now friends through event. The off-campus event I would recommend is going to the Milk Market. I ended up spending the rest of the day in Limerick after that event as well.

In Limerick, I saw King John’s Castle, and watched a rugby match in one of the pubs. If you ever have a chance to be in the city during a rugby match, I highly recommend it! It was cool to see the excitement, and all of the fans decked out in their gear.

My last piece of advice is to go to Stables in the first week or go to the city. Stables is where I really got to have great conversations (beyond typical small talk) with all the people I met throughout the week. Overall, if you stay involved and take care of yourself, the adjustment is completely manageable!

I would not be nervous or worried that people would be unfriendly or that there will be much difficulty finding friends or activities to do. All the other international students came here for the same reasons as you: to meet new people and explore another country. Keeping that in mind, everyone is friendly and open minded, making your adjustment easier!


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