Hi guys!

In this blog, I’d like to give a few tips on how to properly recycle waste here in UL. The university is a beautiful and organised campus (I always refer to it as Ireland’s Ever Green Campus *winks*) but what makes UL so green? The amazing green trees within the environment make it so beautiful but how the waste is segregated and recycled is so important.

There are usually three bins which include the brown bin for food waste, the general waste bin and recyclable bins for materials like papers, food cans, drink cans, food tins, plastics (both rigid and soft) as well as toilet and kitchen roll tubes. Who would have thought the toilet tubes were recyclable? I know right, I never knew myself until I researched *smiles*

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Another piece of information that I learnt from my research is that China banned the importation of plastic recyclables into their country because of contaminants. In order to reduce the level of contaminants in our recyclable bins, we must recycle well.

Here are some tips:

* For tins, try to rinse them properly before trashing into the bin. This would remove contents in the cans or tins and make them clean for the bins and the recycling process. 

* Plastics, including used drink bottles and yoghurt cans should also have its contents thrown out before they are disposed of in the bins.

* Glass bottles should not be put in the recyclable bins.

* Papers with coffee or tea spill should not be included in the recyclable bins too

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I love things being tidy, neat and organised, which is why I wrote this blog. Plus, I have so much passion for the environment so I try to protect it.

I hope this blog helps everyone reading and that it receives good feedback.  

Thank you.


Godswill Dagogo Jumbo, Nigeria


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