The Impact of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

We are delighted to hear that, Onise Tsulaia, one of our first Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) Students from Tbilisi State University, Georgia, has been awarded the Global Hauser Scholarship from New York University, USA to purse his LLM. We extend our sincere congratulations on this significant achievement. In this blog, Onise reflects on his experience as an Erasmus+ ICM student in 2016/17 and the role it played in his career and studies to date.

‘Legends of the Fall – that is how I would describe the University of Limerick and Erasmus+ experience which diametrically changed my life. I am going to tell you about my lifetime opportunity which started from the University of Limerick and took me to the New York University with fully funded Corporation LLM program.

It was my 20th gold birthday when I received a notification from Erasmus + ICM programme notifying me that I had been selected for an Erasmus+ grant to continue my law studies as an Erasmus+ ICM student at the University of Limerick for the fall semester.

At the end of August 2016, I arrived in Limerick. I did not feel nervous about going to a foreign country for the first time in my life, far from my family and hometown, as the Erasmus+ ICM programme was extremely well-organized plan and I received extraordinary support from the UL representatives before and during the trip.

My first day at the UL, the excitement that I felt when I walked around the campus and the University buildings can hardly be expressed in words. Modern buildings, a well-equipped library and the green surroundings of the UL campus creates a marvellous atmosphere for any student. The fantastic sports centre, and green area gives everyone a chance to pursue their interests and hobbies.

Going to UL as an Erasmus+ ICM student means you will enjoy a variety of academic subjects. I deep dived into business law modules and gained precious experience of common law system. The curriculum met my immediate goals; I learned a lot from my lecturers and discussions organized during the lectures and seminars. Despite the fact that it was my first time studying all subjects in English, I managed to keep up with the rhythm of fall semester studies, ameliorated my language skills and completed all modules successfully.  

Learning about Irish culture and meeting new people is another advantage of Erasmus+ ICM. Irish people are very hospitable, kind and communicative. I acquired many friends during the semester. One of my dearest friends, Emily who I met in the lectures on Contract Law, taught me some Gaeilge (Irish Language) and I helped her to learn my native language – Georgian. Irish music and folk dances are another magnificent thing one could encounter in life.

Participation on Erasmus+ ICM program and the knowledge I gained from the UL played a significant role not only in my career life but also my future academic life. After graduation, I immediately started my career at a prestigious law firm in Tbilisi, Georgia and during the job interview, I was asked a lot about my international experience. Successful participation in the program gave me many advantages when I decided to apply for LLM programs in the United States. As the University of Limerick features on my academic journey, all of my LLM applications have been successful. I have been accepted by prestigious law schools in the US, including Ivy League members, and more importantly awarded full scholarship to pursue my master’s studies in the New York University.

I almost forgot to tell you – the fall in Ireland is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.


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