Relaxing over the Holiday Break

Hi everyone, it’s finally time for the Christmas break. In my last post, I gave tips on how to separate and
improve the work-life balance during such a blended semester, where our fun and work all come from
the same place – our computers. Well now, it’s the holiday and it’s time to rest and have fun and enjoy
the break. Time to break out the play station, anime and movies right? Well, I wouldn’t advise that just

Personally, I have spent the most time looking at a computer screen this past semester. I looked at
screen from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. for the most part. As much as we want to enjoy the movies and games,
finally without guilt, it may not actually be good for us to jump into it immediately. Here are some tips to
help have fun at the beginning of the holiday while resting our eyes from screens.

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1. A book.
“What? Tiwa, you must be kidding! I’m happy because I no longer have to read!” Well, if you
thought that, you do have a point, after all we are happy to finally keep the books aside. In this case
however, you do not have to study it, memorize it or take a test on it. It’s not that kind of book.
Some of my friends wonder why so many great movies came from books or why the book readers
always tell the movie-watchers “read the book!” From Game of Thrones to Harry Potter and many
more, books can be just as or even more fun than the movie that’ll keep us glued to our screens. If
you love to learn new things for fun, there are loads of books which serve that purpose. If you’re
looking for nice, light, comedy to help you relax and take the edge off, you have unlimited
options that are just as immersive as movies. Philosophy, romance, action, whatever your interest is,
there’s an amazing book waiting for you to pick it up.

2. A project
“This guy again. I just submitted progress report on my project and I’m sick of hearing the word.”
We’re in the same boat pal. However, projects are a fun and engaging way to take your mind off of
things and try to think outside the box. The project doesn’t need to be along your academic path, it
could be totally random. I am an engineer and I just may take up writing a song for fun! In truth
though, I’m most likely to try build a model rocket but my point still stands. You could try anything
from carpentry to DIY designs to fashion designing. Whatever you like or think would be fun, try
giving it a go this holiday and if turns out amazing and makes you a bunch of money, remember that
I am your friend!

3. Volunteering
Volunteering is honestly a good way to give back to society, and to reconnect with ourselves. It also
helps develop a sense of purpose. I’m not a psychological expert but it does wonders for my mental
health, makes me happier, and helps me to appreciate what I have in my life. It’s also a great way to
meet new people and the benefits of volunteering can last for a very long time. My friend says life is
about service and I agree with him. Life, just like love, is about service and when we… I can’t remember where I was going with that but just be a nice, kind person and help others whilst
spreading love.

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4. Sleep
No, I’m not joking. Truly sleep! Don’t stay up to 6 a.m. playing games and watching movies and be
up by 10 a.m doing the same. This holiday, try to detach for a while and truly rest. Your body and
mind will thank you for it.

Wishing everyone a great Christmas holiday and please adhere to Covid-19
guidelines. Together, we will overcome.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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