Christmas Decorations on a Low Budget

We know Christmas can be an expensive time of year from buying a tree, to decorating it with lights, baubles, tinsel along with decorating everything else! So our ambassador, Swachitha, has come up with excellent ideas on how to create your very own Christmas Decorations on a Low Budget!!

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year. People of every age would be
waiting for Christmas since the next morning of Halloween. I love Christmas season
mainly because I get see all those beautiful decorations. Every street, every house, every door – everywhere it’s beautifully decorated with lights, trees, wreaths, stars
and what not! For me everything about Christmas is just Magical. It’s not only about
the decorations but it is also about togetherness, thanksgiving, sharing, spreading
love, receiving love, joyful moments with the loved ones, holiness, peace and

In this blog, I would like to share a few of my budget friendly Christmas decoration ideas.

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A fragrant firelighter:
Creating the perfect festive ambiance is as much about the aroma as it is the visual.
Signature scents can instantly conjure feelings of fun festivities, those such as dried
fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and pine cones.What could be better than setting the
scene with a roaring fire? Making that roaring fire a fragrant one, that’s what!
Make your own scented budget-friendly firelighters by gathering aromatic materials
such as cinnamon sticks and woodland finds. Bunch these together in squares of
up-cycled newspaper, roll up and tie with jute at either end to look like mini crackers.

Dry fruit decoration:
Christmas tree decorations don’t get much more cost effective than oven-dried
fruits. Clementines are a Christmas classic, due to the seasonal scent. They are
therefore the ideal fruit to dry and attach to the tree, to add a splash of warm colour
and rich fragrance. Multiple cuts around the outside, from top to bottom will be
sufficient enough to allow the fruit to dry out quicker, and emit more of the sweet
fragrance. Simply thread string through the top to fashion a loop, for hanging on a
tree, wreath or garland.

Garland from recycled materials:
You can string together anything from popcorn to pine cones. Why not give your
Christmas a vintage spin by up-cycling old vintage lace and crocheted doilies into a
unique garland. Also you can just string up a few socks by stitching socks on a string
and hanging it up against a wall and fill them with treats for festive fun.

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Christmas countdown:
Simple to make, this lovely alternative advent calendar can be used each year. To
make your own, buy 24 plain brown envelopes and emboss or print each one with a
number, from one to 24. Then, fill each envelope with a sweet treat or a simple
written clue to where a small present is hidden. Peg the envelopes onto four short
lengths of cord and fix onto your wall. Use red ribbon and stripy string for an extra
festive touch.

I personally love making garlands from laces, color threads, and flowers.

So get creating! And share your pieces on social media, tagging UL Global’s pages!


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