One day trip inside county Limerick: Lough Gur

By Marie Lambert

International students coming to UL usually want to make the most of their time here by travelling and discovering Ireland’s beautiful landscapes.

While the current situation prevents all of us from leaving our home outside of 5 km, after the 1st of December it may be possible to move inside county Limerick again.

As you are surely looking forward to this day, let’s talk about a nice place you could go to to enjoy your time here – and respect the national guidelines.

Lough Gur is a lake located in the south of Limerick, about 20-30 minutes away by car. It is a beautiful location and one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites.

Here’s a few reasons to visit Lough Gur!

  • The Heritage Center. Located on the lake front, the buildings are small and typical houses of the Neolitic period. An exhibition can be seen inside, detailing over 6,000 years of the history around Lough Gur. A lot of artefacts are on display and interactive models have been made to actively engage the visitors.
  • Opening hours are Monday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm.
  • Student rate: 4 euros
Lough Gur Heritage Centre
  • Eventually, if you are an astrophotographer or a night-sky lover, you do not want to miss this spot! Lough Gur is a very well-known dark sky site. The Shannonside Astronomy Club uses it as an observation location.
  • The night sky over Lough Gur is unique and if the weather conditions are right, you can observe the Milky Way.
  • Great advantage also: the lake front is open to the public all year long and the site has an accessible parking within walking distance.
  • Nature. The lake is a beautiful place and home to many different species of birds. Furthermore, there is a few walking trails you can follow to discover the ancient wonders of Lough Gur. From hills to fields, you will see the lake and Ireland’s nature from every angle.

So, when will you go stargazing at Lough Gur?

Credit: Brian Lavelle (local photographer)

For more information, go on the official website:


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