A New Chapter

By Oluwatobi Ajayi

Where exactly can I begin my story? True to my native name ‘’Oluwatobiloba’’ which when translated means God is greater than kings, God has proved Himself enormously in my life. I could not relate anything in my life without mentioning that God has played a phenomenal part. At a tender age, I developed an interest to study medicine after watching a health programme on the local Television station and ever since then it had been my pursuit for a couple of years now. It was one long road to study for a degree in medicine, one that had been mixed with laughter, tears, discouragement, enthusiasm and at times disappointment but that road led to me to Georgia, Tbilisi where I finally completed my medical degree last year,2019. It was during the fulfilment of this desire that I got inspired to improve my career path by pursuing a master’s degree that would complement my vision for my medical career.

My knowledge of Ireland had been little, as a young child I had watched magical creatures like the fairies and of course the leprechauns in movies which seemed peculiar to the Emerald Isle (which happens to be another name for Ireland that I discovered while I researched) but I sought to know more about it as I grew interested in studying here. I had applied to study for my master’s last year,2019 but I did not get the programme I had wanted so I decided to wait until this year,2020 in which I reapplied and got an admission. I had heard about Ireland from a friend, a place where the weather was unpredictable, a common fact with Georgia but I think upon my arrival I can say that the Irish weather certainly takes the lead position for this.  My first-hand experience on my way from Dublin airport to Limerick was that it rained and after a while it was a bit sunny and then it rained again almost at once, funny right?

My first impression of seeing Ireland from the airplane’s window as I looked through the clouds was its greenery and expanse of lands so vast that I wondered if humans lived in there. In addition, I must say that the University of Limerick is very international student friendly and they have been helpful at each step of the way in my transitioning here. The elderly man who received me at the airport courtesy of the University of Limerick transport coordination was kind and we had a lovely conversation on our way down to Limerick.

Ireland is a natural beauty and all who I have interacted with here have been friendly and helpful though unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to visit historic places due to the health restrictions that have been put in place to curb the spread of the COVID infection. My being here is a new season in my life that I am very much looking forward to and I hope to build lasting relationships and memories over time. Though the academic year has so far been conducted online (I just can’t wait for the COVID pandemic to pass already!) and as a result it has limited having the genuine experience of studying on the university grounds but I am hopeful that I will enjoy my stay here and get to make up visiting all the awesomeness that Ireland has to offer. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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