How to Dress Warmly in Ireland

For many of you, this is your first time in Ireland and if you have come from a hot country, it is quite the change! At UL Global we know how difficult it is to become accustomed to a new climate, particularly a wet and cold one, so we wanted to share a few tips and tricks to ensure you stay warm this winter!

Invest in a thermal: Long sleeved thermals can be worn under your clothes and works to regulate the temperature of your body. Whilst you are out in the cold it will keep you nice and warm, and while you are in the warm indoors it will be virtually unnoticeable! Under Armour are a reliable and well-known brand for thermal wear, but you can also buy them in places like Lidl and Aldi at really affordable prices as we come in to winter!

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Wear a hat: Although it is not true to say you lose most of your body heat through your head, you do still lose 5-10% of it that way! Wearing a hat will protect your ears from frostbite and ensure you retain that extra 5-10% heat which could be lost without one. A hat is always a good idea in Ireland, particularly because of the rain, it will keep your hair much drier!

Coats: If you travelled to Ireland without a coat I am sure you are paying for it now! The weather is only going to get colder as we head in to the winter months so I highly suggest investing in a coat to keep you warm and dry! The cosier, fluffier and bigger the jacket the better! Coats can be bought for affordable prices in shops such as Penneys, Dunnes Stores, Tesco and even Lidl or Aldi. If you buy one thing this winter; make sure it’s a coat!

Gloves: Protect your hands from the cold by covering them with gloves or mittens. The excuse of not being able to go on your phone with gloves on is long gone as now gloves with touch screen technology have been made! The seemingly impossible task of warming up cold hands can be easily avoided by wearing a pair of warm gloves, so stock up!

Scarves: A scarf or a snood is a brilliant way to protect you from the cold as it deters any wind or cold air making its way down your back and causing a chill. Scarves can also be a great fashion accessory so don’t sleep on the opportunity to stay warm and look good!

Socks: Socks are a must during the winter in Ireland, no question about it. A common misconception is that wearing big fluffy socks with tight shoes will make you warmer than normal socks. The gap between the sock and the shoe is what insulates your feet so if there in so space to create a gap, there is no heat.

Avoid Denim: Denim is renowned for being a stylish and cool fabric, not for being warm. Avoid denim at all costs this winter and opt for cosy leggings/ tracksuits and tights instead as they will trap the heat much more.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you stay warm this winter! If you have come from a hot country and it is your first time in Ireland, enjoy the change and don’t worry, you get used to it very fast!

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By Saoirse Hammond


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