Slang you should know before coming to Limerick

If you’re heading mid-west of Ireland there a few key words and phrases you should keep in mind!

‘Craic’- If people want to have a bit of craic with you don’t worry, it’s innocent! Craic in Ireland is a slang way of saying fun!

‘Aboy da kiiid’ – Humorous and casual way of saying hello to someone.

‘Gowl’ – An unpleasant individual; Someone you would try avoid.

‘Pure daycent’ – Brilliant, amazing.

‘Whats the craic’- how’re you doing.

‘Tackies’- running shoes.

‘Scab’- someone who is tight with money.

‘Any Sca’- any news/gossip

‘Juice’- gossip

‘Beour’- attractive female

‘Feen’- attractive male

‘Savage’- great

‘Pure’- really/very

‘Cat’/ ‘Cat Malojian’-terrible

‘Yoke’- thing/item

‘Sham’- friend

‘Banjaxed’- Broke beyond repair

‘Lashing’- Raining heavily

‘Piddlin/Pissin from the heavens’- Raining

‘I will yeah’- Sarcastic way of saying I won’t

‘Dope’- Fool

‘Oul Fella’ ‘Oul Wan’- Father, Mother

‘Awful Good’- Brilliant

‘Donkeys Years’- A long time

‘Actin the Maggot’- Messing, joking around

‘Any use?’- A way to ask was something good

‘The Jacks’- The bathroom

‘Go way outta that’- A phrase to show disbelief

‘The craic was 90’- Great fun

‘Knackered’- Very tired

This list could go on forever but these are the most used slang words and phrases in Limerick, from a Limerick native herself!

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