Shortcut between City Centre and the UL Campus

It is so important to find a way to be active and to get some fresh air! Sabrina, our outdoorsy student ambassador, has found a lovely walking route for you to try! Scenic, and connecting UL Campus to the City, it really is a stunning walk.

Did you know that health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day??

Practising a physical activity can improve your sleep, your concentration capacity and your health in general. I know that we are all busy with classes and meeting up with friends for a chat, but I have an idea to get you moving! Take the scenic route from the University to the City Centre and chat with your friends along the walk. Even go with your group that you have to do a presentation/project with and discuss the plans while strolling.

Sometimes we spend all day sitting attending classes. Walking for some minutes could be relaxing and a good way to promote physical activity.

There is a shortcut between UL and the city centre, following the River Shannon. The walk takes around 45 minutes, if you are not in a hurry. You will be in touch with nature, listening to the peaceful sounds of the river and the wind whistling in the trees. Isn’t it nice?

You can find more information about walking security, walking clubs, walking routes and more on

The beginning of the path, just after a deck where you can contemplate the River Shannon
You can walk or cycle
The route goes along with the river
There are signs all the path indicating how far you are from the UL
In one part of the way there’s a curve to Rheboghe and in other one to Corbally
The shortcut ends (or starts) at Lock Quay, near the Granary Library and just few blocks from Athur’s Quay Shopping, in the City Center
September 18

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