Limerick on Ice

Jiaxin Hu is a Postgraduate Journalism student from China. In her blog, Jiaxin brings us along her opinion of winter in Limerick and her discovery and experiences of Ice Skating in the city.

I used to skate in China. When I said my favourite sport is figure skating, my lecturer said he believed that no one had clue about skating in our class.

I know that in Ireland it seldom snows. Also the temperature is always much higher than 0 so we never see ice outside. I had guessed the Irish don’t like skating because of the natural environment.

However, today I went skating in Ireland! As stated, I am a big fan of skating, so I am really satisfied.


The ice-skating rink is called Limerick on Ice and is located in the city center. The ticket is €17 for each adult. I heard that in the evening there will be student price for only €10!

To go into the rink, we need to take off the shoes, tell the service staff our shoe size then they will give us the skating shoes. That is very different than Chinese rink where we always get the skating shoes and key for a private locker.

When we began to skate, I was astonished! Irish people are so brave. I can see that some of them are not very good at it, but they rushed to the crowds without hesitation and tried to keep balance when they skated very fast. I heard scream and the heavy sound when they fell down but it seemed that they were enjoying that.

Some parents pushed a seal-shape cart that children can sit on. It seemed so fun and I wanted to try but there was no adult sitting on it so I gave up…


I really had a good time in there. Although there was a girl who was out of control, she rushed into me, shouted “SORRY!” and made me fall down heavily. That hurt a lot but I know she didn’t do it on purpose, now when I think about it, I can’t help but laugh.

When I went out, I saw the beautiful scenery of the Shannon River. I sat a little while and chatted with my boyfriend. So romantic.

Limerick’s winter is energetic and lovely. It is not very cold and the grass is still green. You can always see lovely young faces smiling. If you feel stressed or depressed, go out and try some sports or be active. It’s very helpful!


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