Off-campus accomodation – how to find it?

Hey, so you have decided that you are coming to UL? That is the best decision you  could ever make. Congratulations!

Now, I would like to help you with, probably, the hardest task before coming to Limerick – accommodation. It’s not a mystery that you need be quite lucky to get on-campus accommodation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. Then I was struggling with finding some place where I can live during my Erasmus programme. Everything would be much easier if I had someone like me, who would give some which actually work!

First, let me explain one thing: remember that a lot of students are coming to UL each year. During my semester (autumn 2019/20) UL accepted around 1000 international students. That’s the number of people ONLY from abroad and this university, of course, has also Irish students. So, finding place to live in, basically, gets more hard when you realise this fact.

But don’t worry! That’s why you are here, right? I will try to make this task easier for you. Just don’t leave accomodation thing for the month before coming, because it is really possible that you would live under the bridge. Joking, I also have some ideas about this case.

Remember that room prices might be really high. It depends on a lot of things, but prices can be from 300-550 Euro per month. Be aware of fact that sometimes price include bills, but sometimes not – ask landlord. Maybe this will be obvious, but be preapared for deposit thing. Usually I have seen deposit around month rent.

So, here is the list of things which you must be familiar with. I will start with the obvious one and I will end with my personal discovery ones. This list will help you find your perfect match.


It is totally must-be website. A lot of people posting their flats on this website. You can also find option where people looking for someone to share the house. Try to look for accommodation in Castletroy area, because it’s Uni area.


Similar website to

This is University website, very helpful. Be sure to register here. Many landlords who are keen to rent their properties to students are here.

  • facebook groups

That seems pretty obvious, but are you sure you know where exactly look for informations? Every year someone creates group called „UL freshers” it happens that many people don’t keep their rooms and rooms become available. Try also „rent in Limerick” one. Lots of people coming across this group, but maybe you would be the lucky one? There is also one more option for facebook. I’m Polish, there is a lot of Polish people in Ireland, so also there are groups for Polish people. Try to find your nationality group. Maybe someone is renting place? Maybe someone is looking for room mate? Or maybe they will just give you extra advices.


I was suprised how well it worked. Gumtree is quite popular in my country and it also works for renting. So I tried to find if there is Irish one and yes, there is. Actually it is working pretty good and I highly recommend to look there. Also add your post that you are looking for accomodation! I did that and I got a lot of messeges from landlords.

  • local newspapers

I’m not joking. I’m so proud of this one. It might look old-fashion, but actually it works really good. Let me explain. What do you think who puts advertising in newspapers? Yes, most often old people, because they prefer not to use internet. And you know what? Your future collegues are going use only internet, so your chance to get room are bigger. The price for accomodation may be lower than in internet, because these landlords aren’t looking at competition. It is also highly possible that you will find place in nice-looking, quite area with great landlord. Basically, remember that Irish people are so nice and helpful!

I know that it is hard to look for accomodation from a distance. If you are able to come here earlier and look for place during your pre-staying it’s really great. But here is a little bonus for you in case you wouldn’t find anything before coming or your accomodation appear to be awful.


Do you know about this? It’s really nice option but it costs money, obviously. Be ready for that. If you don’t have much money, try…

…COUCHSURFING.COM. The idea of this website is really great and I love that. This website also can be useful for you if you would like to travel around Ireland (or abroad) by our own. Defenetly worth to check it.

Please, don’t wait with accomodation till the very last moment. It really can be hard to find place, so don’t waste your chances. Don’t be afraid  of calling to landlords. Remember that those people are waiting for call and they are used to them. Download WhatsApp app. This one would also help you with communication.

Good luck andexpect wonderful time in UL! I promise, it would be amazing

PS: add yourself to waiting list for on-campus accommodation! Even if you won’t get place they would send money back.

Note that the advice given in student blogs are the opinion of the student and is not an official statement by the University.


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