Five Places to Study on Campus

…or places to be on your phone for an hour watching videos.

            You can probably all feel it, the looming deadlines of all the assignments we’ve been putting off starting for weeks and weeks. Well, they are approaching and they aren’t going to slow down. Some of us have essays, group projects, tests, presentations, etc. They’re all similar because it’s all work we need to get done. We all have work and frankly, it’s starting to pile up. With these upcoming due dates, we need to get the work done, but where? Places like Red Raisins and Stables are fun environments, but may not be the best places to study and get actual work done.

Location One: The Library…

            Now, you’re probably wondering why I am recommending the library. Many times it seems cramped and loud and really stuffy. The trick with the library is finding the right times and the right location(s). First off, skip those green cubicle type spaces upstairs. Those are always filled and way to noisy. Try going to one of the several computer areas or labs that the library has. These are often not too filled and most of all quite, or at least quitter then the group study spaces.

Location Two: The Main Building

            Hear me out on this one. Yes, this place is a zoo, but there are places to study in here. These places would be called…empty classrooms. I see more classrooms that are empty and totally for use. These would be great places for group study, working on a group project, or practicing a presentation. With so many floors and blocks in just one building, there is bound to be a free classroom, almost all of the time.

Location Three: Outside

            If this campus has one thing, it has plenty of outdoor space. The green grassy area by the main building is a great spot that is frankly, not used as much as it could be. While it might be cold, grab a blanket, pop in your headphones and get to reading with a beautiful scenery.

Location Four: The Laundry Room

            If you live on campus, you’ve probably been to your village laundry area by now, if you haven’t then maybe do that before finding a study spot. The Laundry rooms are often unoccupied and most of all…quiet. They are also very convenient because you can walk down the stairs and right on over to the laundry room.

Location Five: The Sports Arena

            While this place is busy most of the time. You might be able to get two things accomplished at once. Why not study and workout at the same time. You can hit the treadmill while also opening up your book for the first time. This way you can get some reading done will also getting a sweat in.


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