A Fantastic Rugby Day

Our sports communication teacher recommended us to go to a rugby match to know more about Irish popular sports. So we went to the Thomond Park in 28th Oct.

That day had small bit of rain but it didn’t quench our passion. It was my first time to watch sports on the scene. We found that lots of people wore red clothes and scarfs to support Munster, the excellent rugby team in Limerick. So we bought red scarfs too.

People around us were all curious, maybe they were wondering why these two Chinese guys seem so excited and are supporting Munster? Actually, we aren’t rugby fans and know very little about rugby. Before we went, we did a lot of research about the rules and history. So when the match began, it was much easier for us to understand.

The atmosphere was really good, people shouted and cheered together. Munster is awesome, they beat Dragons, like a piece of cake! I was so proud of them and became the true fan of Munster. A tip: watching match at the stand is really cold! If you want to go, you definitely need wear your warmest clothes! At the half-time, suffering from the hunger and cold, we bought two hot cheese chip and thought that was the most delicious food in the world!

In China our popular sports are table tennis, badminton, basketball, baseball and soccer. When I decided to study Sports Journalism in UL, I didn’t think too much about the difference. However when I came here, I was shocked by rugby and the GAA.

Sometimes I felt frustrated because everyone in class talked about them but I had no idea. But after watching the match, I found rugby is attractive. It is like the war in the peaceful time. It contains protecting and expanding the territory.

When I saw the players tried their best to prevent opponents from scoring the touchdown, I felt it just like soldiers devoted themselves to protect their homeland. And also now I know at least two rugby teams, Munster and Dragons. On December, there will be a match about Munster v Leinster, and I definitly will go and support Munster.

If anyone want to go, they can go to: www.munsterrugby.ie to get further information and also book tickets online.


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