Your UL Shopping Guide

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Rule #1. Only buy enough food for a couple of days. Fresh food (fruits and vegetables) goes bad very quickly. The key is to buy for only 3 days’ worth.

Rule #2. Don’t buy too much food at once – you have to carry it all the way back to your room with you!

Rule #3. Frozen food is good, but your freezer space is not. If you can freeze it doesn’t mean you can buy it. Be aware of your limited amount of space while shopping.

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SPAR – Your most convenient of stores

Located on campus in the Stables Courtyard and in Dromroe Village; and everywhere else in Ireland!

It’s no 7-Eleven (sorry, no sluhsies) but it’s a great place to grab some milk after you realize you’ve run out, or an ice cream or candy bar when you’re craving something sweet after class. You can get a full sandwich and even top-up your Leap Card here.

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ALDI – Where you get the BASICS

Located on Dublin Road and on Childers Rd

Basics mean basics. This is where you can get your weeks’ worth of bread, milk and meat on a college student’s budget. If you aren’t looking for a ton of options, this is your go-to place. It is also one of, if it’s not, the closest grocery stores to campus – in walking distance!

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LIDL – free buses every Monday at 6:30pm from Stables!

Located on Dublin Rd, Childers Rd and Ennis Rd

Like ALDI, this is where you get your basics. There isn’t a ton of variety but if you’re trying to keep a tight budget… all aboard the Monday night LIDL bus! Be early, these buses fill up really fast!

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TESCO – Your “Thank God… American food!” store

Located on Ardnacrusha Rd and in Arthurs Quay on Patrick St

This is going to be the first store that you take a sigh of relief when you walk in. You can find the RITZ crackers, Heinz ketchup, Frosties (aka Frosted Flakes) and more American foods.

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SUPERVALU – If Tesco doesn’t have it, try Supervalu. If Supervalu doesn’t have it, good luck…

Located on Dublin Rd and on Corbally Rd

It has everything Tesco, and maybe more! When you can’t find something at TESCO, try SUPERVALU because there is a good chance they’ll have more. There snack isle includes a variety of American cookies and crackers!

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BOOTS – Your Irish Walgreens or CVS

Located on William St and on Childers Rd

Get sick? Need some new nail polish? Facewash, hand soap, body wash? Boots is where you want to head.

DEALZ – A dollar store… well… A €1.50 store!

Located on William St and on Henry St

This is your go-to for cheap cleaning products, extra kitchen utensils, candy, home décor and lots of snacks all for a €1.50!

PENNEY’S – A mix between Forever 21 and H&M

Located on O’Connell St

Need some retail therapy? Maybe a duvet-cover or new sheets for your room? A new pair of jeans or some socks? A new bathing suit or jacket for your weekend excursion? Or maybe you want to browse for some shoes, make-up, or home décor. Penney’s is your one-stop-shop for home, clothes and accessories!

There are tons of different stores and shops both inside and outside the city centre! All it takes is a little time exploring. Don’t be afraid to window shop or go into a store with no intention of buying anything.


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