Where to get the best coffee on campus

There are a few things that are, in my eyes, essential to students and one of these is coffee. I am a big coffee lover and take my coffee very seriously. I could write pages about my love for coffee, but that is not the purpose of this blog. Moving to a new city and starting at a new university can be pretty overwhelming. At UL there are many places that you can get your caffeine shot, but it is essential to know where you can get the best one and therefore, I am here to help you out. During my exchange semester, I have tried out every coffee place around campus to figure out where you can get the best coffee.

The Library Ladies

The Plaza Café in the library is a good place to satisfy your caffeine needs when you are studying for exams in the library and you desperately need a break before the words start to tumble off your pages. A cappuccino costs €2,60 and a black coffee is just €1,80. Not only is the coffee good, but you are always met with a friendly smile and a ‘’Here you go, love’’, which always gave me a little motivation to continue my studies.

The Sports Bar

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Isn’t the sports bar a place you were you meet up with friends to drink a pint after a game or fulfilling workout? Yes, but they also serve amazing coffee. It might be a bit out of your way when you are not at the Sports Arena, but trust me, the walk is definitely worth it. On top of that, they serve amazing treats like rocky road or Red Velvet Cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not the best thing to eat after a workout, but definitely worth to try it out. 

Number one…Scholars!

Scholars is my absolute favourite place to get a coffee on campus. A cappuccino costs €2,60 and an americano is €1,80. The coffee is amazing. They have managed to find the perfect balance between coffee, foam and milk for their cappuccinos and while you are there, make sure to try out a warm scone. If you are not a big fan of coffee, don’t worry! They also serve hot chocolate that satisfies your sweet tooth and every week they have a different special! However, what I love most about Scholars is the atmosphere. It is a place where you can meet up with friends, study, have some food and drink a pint. Scholars has it all!

Bonus Tip: Bring your own cup!

When you don’t feel like sitting down for a cup of coffee, but you want your drink on the go, bring your own sustainable cup! Brining your own cup is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet as at some places you get a discount. It is a win-win situation.

By UL International Student Ambassador


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