5 tips on Traveling in Europe

It’s me, Anna from California. Today, I want to give you guys a few tips about traveling around Europe during your trip abroad in Ireland.

Obviously, first tip is to be safe and know who you’re going with. It can be either really stressful trying to get everyone to plan a trip or it can be a great experience making memories with the friends you made on your study abroad journey. Also, try to book thing in advance like flights, hotels, hostels, air bnbs etc. so you don’t have to pay a fortune. During my stay here, I would book all my European flights through Ryanair. Ryanair (if you don’t know already) as the cheapest flights and always as great deals as low as 5 euro for a flight to Paris.

Second tip: don’t forget about Ireland! Sometimes, I feel like students get caught up in trying to get in all the European countries before their study abroad journey comes to end but they completely forget to travel their beautiful host country! Ireland as the most amazing greenery and views. Try to go to Cork, Dingle, Kerry, Belfast, Dublin, Wicklow, Sligo etc. Each county in Ireland has its own beautiful landmarks.

Photo by Mark Dalton on Pexels.com

Third tip: Research where you are planning to travel! Is it safe? How far is your stay from the airport? Are you going to need a bus? Do you have the right currency?

Fourth tip: Have a plan! I recommend having a plan for each day you’re there. It makes your day run so much smoothly. Pick out all the scenes you want to see or do and plan from there. For example, if three of your choices are in the same area maybe plan to do those things all in the same day so you’re not going back and forth.

Fifth tip: Have fun and drink responsibly! If you and your friends are going on a night out in a different country, definitely be safe and drink responsibly. At the end of the day, you’re not very familiar with the area and better be safe than sorry.

Hope these helped you guys!

Have a great one and stay safe (:


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