Survival guide to: Moving out of home

Moving out of home can be an exciting part of many students’ college lives, and even more so when moving country. However, with insufficient preparation, the initial thrill can soon be forgotten. We have put together a few tips and tricks with hopes to help any new students moving away from home for the first time.

1. Choosing Accommodation

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There are many factors you should take into account when choosing accommodation, one being; would you prefer to live on-campus or off-campus? The vast majority of international students  opt to live in on-campus accommodation or student villages as opposed to renting a house off campus. These types of accommodation are designed with the student in mind, with the majority being only a short 10-15 minute walk from your classes each day. The security is generally more efficient in student villages on-campus, with 24 hour security numbers and many ensuring you own a certain type of key card to gain entry into your house/bedroom. For any students moving out with little or no acquaintances, student villages generally try to keep students of similar faculties together, which is an easy way to make new friends.

2. Learning the Costs

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It is important to educate yourself on the expenses of moving out of home. It can be overwhelming being faced with multiple bills and expenses once you leave the nest (especially if you aren’t prepared). It is important to keep track of these things and ensure they are paid on time.

It would be a good idea to sit down with your housemates at the beginning of the semester to discuss any bills that need to be paid between you to avoid any future discrepancies.

(Tip: for minor household items such as teabags, salt and pepper, soap, toilet paper etc. you could organise a ‘kitty’ with your housemates. If you all agree to give a certain amount of money each week you can share the cost of these items whilst also avoiding any waste).

3. Learn How to Cook

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Believe me when I say; there is not much you will miss more than your parents home cooked dinners awaiting you on the table when you arrive home every evening. It can be difficult getting used to cooking for yourself everyday.

There is always a strong temptation after a long day at college to just pop a pizza into the oven or throw some noodles into a pot. Fast and easy, what more could you want? But while these “meals” are fine every once in a while, they are not healthy or substantial to keep you going every day.

Learning how to cook a couple of proper meals for yourself is extremely necessary and beneficial. There are many websites and apps you can access with a large variety of recipes for you to learn. Eating healthy in college is important, especially when your time comes to tackle the “freshers flu“.

4. Keep in Touch

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Along with the freedom and excitement of moving out of home, comes the missing and loneliness. Surprisingly, moving away from home is not all fun and games and it can take a while to get used to.

Keep in touch with your parents and family and let them know how you are doing. If you find yourself becoming homesick print some pictures to keep in your room. Embrace your newfound freedom.

By: UL International Student Ambassador


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