5 Irish Tunes to Know Before Coming to Ireland

Galway City

Galway Girl : You are probably thinking I am talking about the song by Ed Sheeran. No, I am not. “ Galway Girl” is an Irish traditional tune which is extremely popular here. So, if you go to a live music bar and the musician is about to play ‘ Galway Girl’ – do not expect the Sheeran version.

There’s a lot of covers of this song, however, I like the version by “Sharon Shannon’ and ‘Mundy.’

Athenry Castle

The Fields of Athenry :

This Irish folk ballad is popular in some states in the U.S too. So, if you are from those states you probably know the song. This has become the ‘Sporting Anthem’ throughout the years.

I like the version by The Dubliners.

Newgrange Entrance Stone

Celtic Symphony by The Wolfe Tones

This song is so catchy that it got me the first time I heard  it in the pub. You are going to hear it in any pub that plays Irish Traditional Dance Music. It’s so much fun to sing along with the Irish students in the bus on a Friday night.

Whiskey in the Jar :

Metallica fans out there probably heard the Metallica version of this Irish classic. This song has a very long history and has hundreds of versions. Among the ones I heard, I prefer the version by “ The Irish Travelers.”

Photo Credits: Nadine Kimak

Raglan Road :

This is one of my personal favorites. I knew this song before coming here. One of the members of “ The Celtic Steps” sang this song in our orientation week, and I liked her version a lot. This song about unrequited love will definitely touch you.


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