Diversity is the spice of UL


I haven’t visited any university in Ireland in which I saw such importance placed on the sense of learning and development by improving their infrastructure every year. With a world class campus and state of the art facilities, UL has offered me everything I could need for a better learning experience and a safe academic work environment. The recently extended Glucksman Library, is an excellent example of the infrastructure development on campus. The dedicated space for postgraduate students in the new wing of the library is my favourite spot, which is open until mid-night to work on our assignments and projects.

One thing that I loved here is the diversity, UL is a place where people from different parts of the world share their insights, experiences and knowledge. I learnt some of best lessons in my masters programme from my peers, where I have gotten the unique opportunity to work with different people in various tasks, which helped me challenge my way of thinking and improve my knowledge base. I have gotten the opportunity here in UL, to learn and explore so many cultures I don’t think I would have been possible without such a diverse campus. Sharing a common space and working together in teams with people from different diverse backgrounds helped me to move outside my comfort zone. I am fortunate to have students from 5 continents in my friend group, all thanks to UL for ensuring this very essence of diverse cultures and backgrounds, which is why I would like to say diversity is the spice of UL.

The breath-taking campus is more than an asset to the university, where I would cherish my memories of this campus for a life-time. The walk over the living bridge with the River Shannon rushing underneath is such a treat to your eyes and allowed me to escape as I walked to my classes. The cycling trail on the campus that brings you to Limerick city is an experience of its own, with spectacular and picturesque scenery. Learning a new sport or listening to foreign music was not far from reach for me here, much thanks to the Irish World Academy who organises lunch time music sessions throughout the semester; and the UL GAA Club for teaching students the game of hurling, which is a popular sport in the country.

A major highlight of the University is the student friendly campus, with different student support services that includes counselling, a dedicated careers wing that offers career guidance and the academic support service by the Regional Writing Centre, all located inside the campus. The Student Union in UL, Student Life is very active in dealing with the problems faced by the students and support them by communicating and escalating the issue to the concerned authorities. There is a dedicated Student Union for the Postgraduates (PSU) who were very supportive when I approached them at multiple occasions to tackle my problems. As an International student, all these have made a huge impact to my academic life in UL, which made my learning a better experience and truly admissible.


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