My thoughts 2 weeks before leaving from UL


These weeks are honestly the most hard and painful of the whole semester… It is exam time and I should be focused on my studies, however my mind wanders and it brings back all the memories and experiences I have had since I first landed in Shannon airport. Has it really been four months already?! I can’t believe how quickly the time passes! On the one hand, I feel like I need to have more time to do all these things I’d love to do before leaving. I’m beginning to think that I didn’t make the most of my time. I wanted to get to know the people I’ve met here better, and with those that I did become close with I have realized that there are so many things we should do before the last “goodbye”…

I always say that time flies, but i think more so over the last four months. How quickly this last four months has gone is a testament to the amazing time I have had. I had such a great time during every single day of this semester! In such short period of time I’ve discovered a totally new country! I’ve been to almost every big city of Ireland and now the Irish culture is part of who I am. Who could ever tell me that just in few weeks I could make relationships with amazing people from all over the world, although we don’t speak the same language? The people I met in UL will always be my friends although I know that we won’t be able to see each other very often. But who knows… maybe the circumstances will bring us together again. They are so important to me and they will be in every story about my erasmus life that I’ll tell to my family, just because they are part of every experience I had!

After all, there are plenty of things I’m going to miss about UL. I’ll definitely miss the campus and the facilities where I used to spend my everyday life in, my cozy apartment in Dromroe Village and my fantastic roommates! I’ll miss the lectures and labs which are so amazing compared to the labs in my university and of course the most beautiful library I’ve ever been in! Actually I’m writing this article here now haha… I’ll miss the trips with the societies, the parties in Stables, the Irish music and dance… I’ll miss speaking in English, Limerick city centre and everything UL has offered me during the best experience of my life! I’ll miss you all guys…

(The thoughts of an erasmus student from Greece before departing, who spent the spring semester 2018/2019 in UL)


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