Exam and deadline period: How to stay on top of your game.

Hey guys! It’s that time of the year, the period for exams and deadlines, we all dread this moment, but on the brighter side, school is almost done and for some of us in our final year, that’s a huge relief. Well, try not to overwork your self during this period, I have outlined some useful tips to survive this hectic and daunting period.

Don’t procrastinate

 Leaving work till the last minute is not the best thing to do, some might be able to thrive on last minute cramming and overnight assignments, that’s not the best way to do things. To manage your time effectively, setup a time table for studying, pen down the exams and deadlines you have, and their deadlines and then organise your study accordingly. Some modules might require more time so be sure to find a balance you’re comfortable with

Break! Break! Break! …

Never ever underestimate the power of taking a break, you can do all in one day, take some time off and breathe, socialise and let your mind think of something else. Trust me the body is not a machine and needs rest in order not to break down. Give yourself sometime off, go out!, watch a film, take a walk, hang out with friends and let your hair down. You don’t have to spend all your days in the library glued to your books and laptop.

Trust, you will feel rejuvenated whenever you take time off the books. Lack of breaks might make you feel overwhelmed and you end up overloading yourself which is very detrimental for you. That doesn’t mean you should stop doing your work for days, always remember everything is about balance.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Study group.

I am a living testimony of the advantage of joining a study group, study groups do you so much good. When you study in groups, you share and receive knowledge, you’re not stuck to what you know or understand but see different opinion and views. Study group are also god because they help motivate you when you feel unwilling to study. Ask people in your class if they’re willing to join a study group, once you’re able to find people that are willing, create a schedule of when to meet and what to study at the appointed time.

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Let go of social media

This most definitely the hardest one to achieve, but it doesn’t help. Social media often serves as a great distraction for most people. Shutting down your social media for just that period of your study is a good tip for studying well during exams

Eat brain healthy foods

Lastly and always very important, make sure you make out time to eat healthy food. You may feel you don’t have time to make your own meals due to your schedule but note that what you eat really has an impact on your energy and focus level, so try as much as possible to stay off junk foods. Fuel your brain and body frequently by eating nutritious food that have been proven to be advantageous for concentration, like fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt and blueberries. Try to stay off too much sugar as it often tends to crash your energy level after an hour.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

I wish you the best of luck in your exams!


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