Homesickness and How it Affects You

Becoming homesick is natural. Since coming to Ireland, I have found that the feeling comes and goes. I haven’t had a set time where I felt constantly homesick. Here are some tips and tricks to combat those feelings of missing home!

“Me Time”

Everyone loves to spend time by themselves, either pampering or just watching Netflix, there are ways that people like to spend their downtime. First and foremost, don’t skimp out on your “Me Time”! It is essential for mental health! When I first arrived and found my group of friends, we spent a LOT of time together. Back home, I don’t spend that much time with my friends and that drastic change in my priorities and schedule made me irritable. I wasn’t fun to be around and it was affecting my relationships. So, I took a step back and spent a couple of days just focusing on me and how I felt. I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent and felt refreshed when spending time with my friends again! Secondly, if you decide to take time for yourself, don’t let others influence your decision to do so! You came abroad for you!

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Clubs and Activities

There are countless different clubs and organizations on campus! It is a good way of finding new friends and spending time outside of your apartment. It is even better because you’re not going to be surrounded by technology, making it easier to focus on the environment and communicating with the new people you meet! I play rugby on campus and I have met so many lovely ladies that I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t decided to join! The team consists of a lot of Irish ladies and a few Canadians, but there are others who are from different countries like Germany! I have found that, since joining, a lot of my time isn’t devoted to watching Netflix, doing homework, or traveling. It is important to spend time on campus, so you become fully immersed into Irish culture. Another organization that I joined is the International Society! It became an amazing way to travel around Ireland cheaply and see major attractions that might be difficult or more expensive to travel alone to. Not only that, they offer so many opportunities for on campus activities! Like a bake sale, or International Night, and even a formal ball! There are so many things to do on campus and off campus, it is just a matter of finding them!

Calling Home

The most important point I HAVE to emphasize is that calling home is the BEST way to not miss home! It seems a little weird that calling home is the best way to not miss being home. By keeping in contact with family and friends, you’re allowing yourself to become comfortable in a new environment while utilizing people that make you feel comfortable. Most people have a certain someone that they talk to the most. Whether it is a friend, family, or loved one, there is always someone who will be there for you to listen to how you feel and offer advice if needed. So, make a plan to talk to your “special someone” to schedule out time each week, day, or even hour! As long as you feel comfortable, they will be happy to hear from you either way!

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