Exam Tips

Four tips to keep in mind for your exams!

Being students, what are we doing? We are all here, living away from our families trying to become someone in our lives. We look up to our role models and try to trace our path to success. We all have always been running in our lives but have you ever taken a moment to relax, reassess yourself and make a set-by-step approach towards your goal?

If you haven’t, you probably should as soon as possible. But if you have, you must have realized that exams are probably the most important point you have on that list. It is what helps you, your peers and your teachers know what you have learned so far and gives you a chance to prove yourself. Hence, it makes it one of the most important points staring right at you on the list.

However, exam week is much harder to go through like they say – “It’s better said than done”. You go through exam stress, lack of sleep and if you are like me probably even stress eating on junk food. So, I tried making it just a little easier for all of you and put down some steps you can take to handle the exams better than before.

1. Gain by giving it to others

Teach your friends. When someone asks you a question, give your best shot to answer the best possible you can, never keep information to yourself only. Remember that knowledge only grows when shared.

Teaching is the best learning tool. It will help you to remember the topics best.

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2.Past Papers

It’s important to look over past papers without fail before entering the exam hall. Past papers help us prepare by getting an idea of the exam lay out and what is expected in the exam. This should be followed up by first answering the questions on a piece of paper. The answers should then be checked, and corrections must be made. If the exam solution is not available, make sure to get your notes or text book out and check your answer.

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3. Visual Learning

Platforms such as Khan Academy or Youtube are excellent tools to provide visual learning. Keep watching videos of the topics which are to be tested in your exam. Make sure to note down important points from videos.

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4. Clear your doubts

Always remember – A question is never too stupid to be asked. Even if you are a shy person, you should approach your professor after the lecture or send them an e-mail to ask your doubts. Only if you take responsibility of your learning can others reach out to help you. As Herbert Spencer once said – “When a man’s knowledge is not in order, the more of it he has, the greater will be his confusion.”

The above 4 steps are most useful in the journey to learn as a student. Unless a topic is remembered more than 3 times, it cannot be said as fully understood and fully learnt.

Finally, I wish you all the best for the journey you have taken and hope it leads you to the path of success. Good luck for exams.

If you feel like the pressure is too much, and need to talk, at UL we are here to listen, you can visit our counselling service in UL located in room CM-073 (Next to the Student Health Centre) or contact them via e-mail at counselling@ul.ie .


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