Living in the Moment – The Ireland Experience

So many moments… I just want to live in them all.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘live in the moment’ once or twice in your lifetime. But before going on exchange and studying abroad, I don’t really ever think I got to truly appreciate what it meant or even felt like to the full extent. From the minute I arrived in Ireland my life has constantly felt like it’s on the go and I absolutely love it. There is always something going on or something to do so you’ll never find yourself bored at all… and if you do then you’re definitely not making the most of all that is on offer!

Within my first week of being in Ireland I’d made an abundance of friends, explored the city of Limerick and some of the great things it has to offer (like the weekend milk market) as well as experiencing one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations – The Cliffs of Moher. And that wasn’t even all I managed to travel and see! If you’d asked me whether I expected to have done so much within a week of being in Ireland, I would have laughed at you as I am very much a homebody! But as a student of the University of
Limerick, it’s all made easy for you. There are always organised trips occurring whether it is through Student Life and Mike Hynan or the International Society and the various other clubs/societies available to join. Travel around Ireland is as simple as signing up to a trip during the week and hopping on the organised bus over the weekend. It’s been just over a month living here and I’ve already seen SO much of Ireland and I feel pretty lucky that it has been made so easy for me. The trips are also a great way to meet people too as well as create long lasting memories!

Week 1 – Exploring Limerick City, Cliffs of Moher & Limerick Milk Markets

Now with all this travelling you’d expect my social media to be absolutely popping right? But since arriving in Ireland I’ve actually found myself to be a lot more absent from social media than I was before I came. And thus my social media posting has been a bit lackluster. Now this isn’t because I don’t have anything to post because one thing you’ll learn very quickly is that you’ll end up with a gazillion photos from each day spent discovering a new place. But my lack of posting and being present on social media is more so a result of me spending a lot more time living in the moment. And it’s addicting. There are just so many moments and I find myself wanting to live in them all as opposed to spending time uploading them all. And there is a lot of value that comes from making most of the company and experiences that are right before you. And really at the end of the day any resting moments I have are often spent doing exactly that – resting and recovering from all the moments I have been living in so eagerly. So whilst I’ll eventually sift through my abundance of photos and update the world with my travel spam… for the timing being I’m enjoying living in every moment and couldn’t recommend enough that you do the same! Take a break from social media and truly immerse yourself in it all!

But since everybody loves photo’s I’ve done a quick skim through my gallery for a few candids. So get excited as there are just as many moments to capture as there are to live in.

Blarney Castle & Arran Island’s ruins

Glendalough with the Outdoor Pursuits Club


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