Are You New In UL? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Education is not only acquiring knowledge but a way to lead life and forming one’s personality. I had an Irish Principal in school in Loreto, India. She is as compassionate and visionary as all the other people in Ireland are, and that prompted me to go to college in Ireland.  For a shy person like me, going to abroad to study was always a big deal. Amazingly my parents stayed here for a couple of days to make sure that I was able to adjust in the new environment while they were around. But I realized that everything was way easier than I had first thought. It’s always about learning and finding yourself. First experiences are always important for developing a person’s perception of something.

Like everyone else, I was so excited to discover and meet new people. It was made a lot easier for me when I attended the orientation sessions and the events organized by the UL International Education Division. All new fresh faces from different parts of the world. It was a great start and I made so many beautiful friends from different cultures. We all are new and have a lot of questions in mind. Believe me, you will love this place as I do now. To be honest, I never knew how to cook at all and I was so worried about my survival in Ireland but now things have changed, it seems to be fun. Head to the market, cook the one-pot dish, always try new foods and vegetables and once you get a cooking companion it will be everything that you need.

The classes of course, are our main priority. Well, every class develops broad skill sets that keep us all well- rounded. I will suggest to soak up all the information and then access it later. Always remember that every class brings development on your educational journey. Keeping a positive attitude and appreciation would always bring a chance to acquire new skills. I assure all the teachers are best in their own specific ways and you would definitely enjoy all the classes in the University of Limerick. 

The wide range of clubs and events that are hosted are the wacky classes which are among the best part of the college life. Music, dance, photography, sports, academics and over 80 different types of clubs and societies on campus. Being part of the photography club, I have discovered a lot of things. A different viewpoint and skill-generator, a way to project your imagination through photographs. Plus the themed parties at stables are the best part of the weekends, never miss one. Lots of drinks, people and a cool variety of dressing styles.

The road is the master in Ireland. When you want to see the beautiful places all over the country, plan a road trip.

 You just need to know where you are heading to but reaching the destination is not important, the beauty lies on the way that you will feel the most. The huge colorful trees on both sides of the roads, the chirping of the birds and your ears plugged with music and the beautiful- unpredictable weather in search for freedom and peace of mind is the best combination for a beautiful little walk in Limerick city.  Always carry an umbrella with you, but at times even that doesn’t work, a better choice will be to carry a raincoat in your bag.

At last, I will say that you all must have heard lots of things, but the more you think the more you get confused. Do you really have to know them? They are senseless in their way. So come to UL. I personally love it because it’s small in area in comparison but has almost everything that supports a good quality and simple life. UL is the heart of Limerick.



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