Packing tips

As you decide to come abroad there are small items but really important for you, that you should know to bring.

Do not forget your rain items.

alone animal bird clouds

Ireland is known for its amazing landscapes but also for its rain. When it’s not raining, it’s drizzling. Having your raincoat is also be very handy when you have to go on trips like to the Cliff of Moher or anywhere near the coast as it is always more likely to be raining and windy. With your raincoat, don’t forget your scarf, rain boots/hiking boots, warm clothes, as I have said, Ireland is very windy.

Memories from home


As you come to live in a new place, you can quickly feel homesick and uncomfortable. Bring things that remind you of home. Pictures of your family and friends, posters etc.

Electronic devices

As at home, you will need all your devices from your mobile phone to your laptop. Most importantly, buy an outlet adapter. You can find many of them here but it’s easier for you to have it since the beginning of your journey. Have an external battery, as during your trips you will use your telephone and, by the end of the day, you may still need it to find your way back home or call a taxi, so be careful that it doesn’t run out of battery. Take an extra cable also; on some buses, there are plugs for you to charge your phone.

Small luggage

It’s handy when you need to go on small trips. This way you don’t have to fill your bag back. I advise you to have 2 suitcases and a small one as you are going to buy many many things and you will need space for them.

Local currency

bank notes business cash close up

In most places in Ireland and in the Campus, they don’t take credit card. So wherever you are going take a small amount of money with you to not find yourself in the uncomfortable position of not knowing how to pay for your order.



For international students mainly, take your camera as you will for sure visit a huge part of Ireland. The scenery of Ireland is like nowhere else in the world. My advice, document it as much as possible and take as much picture as possible to have all those memories. But most of all enjoy every minute of Ireland.


You will have headaches and you will need something to release the pain. Having medicine from your home country is more than useful as the price for a consultation or for medicine may be more expensive in Ireland than in your home country.

Small tip: pack them in your check baggage and not your cabin luggage or backpack – you don’t want airport security to throw them away.

Don’t pack too much and have a packing list


My last advice is to not pack too much as, no matter what, you will end buying things and you will need space in your luggage.


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