Things useful for International students in Limerick

It gets really tough for International students to settle down in a foreign country. I took few weeks to settle down and figure out everything. Here are few guidelines which I would like to share, and I hope these might be of some help.

  1. Accommodation

Make sure you book your accommodation in advance before arriving to Limerick. But no worries if you haven’t any. There are many good hotels and Airbnb’s around the city. They are pretty reasonable, affordable and completely safe. However, you can contact few seniors to get a place to stay till the time you get your permanent residence.


  1. Travel

Buses must be preferred over cabs. Buses are cheaper than cabs. There are 8 transport administrations which visit the vast majority of the Limerick Metropolitan Area, which incorporates the City Center and its rural areas. However, the buses that are widely used are the Dublin coach and Bus Eireann, which goes around the city. For further information, regarding any like tickets, timetables, you can always visit the website: or


  1. Supermarket

Aldi! Tesco! Yes, you must definitely visit these two stores in case you are looking for any reasonable grocery shopping for your house. Tesco has an online home delivery service, and you can order them online on its website: For Aldi, you need to visit the store. It is located at the Dublin road in county Limerick.


  1. Retail Therapy

When in doubt, go shopping. “I have enough clothes”, no girl said ever. You must definitely visit the best retail shop in Limerick, ‘Penneys’. The best varieties of clothes, household items, cosmetics and many more, all under one roof. There are several brand stores around the city but if you are looking for something affordable, comfortable and stylish, then you must definitely go and visit this store.


  1. Night Life

It’s a busy city with huge number of pubs, clubs and places to hang around with friends. The city has a scope of comfortable bars, polished bars, and humming dance club. Few to be named are: Flannery’s Bar, Dolan’s Pub, One Hundred one, The White House Bar – Limerick. Further, there are many amazing live music places to spend your weekends.



So, no worries, pack your bags and get excited to start a new phase in your life. Limerick is a dynamic and beautiful city with such great places to see, do and investigate!


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