Walk Slow …….

School. Assignments. Homework. Tests. GO GO GO.

ConorAnxious? It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities, running around and getting all stressed. Life sometimes leads up to this because everything is “vital” to our success. What on earth are we supposed to do to give ourselves some relief? I’ll give you a hint, there’s a prime opportunity right in front of our eyes; it’s something we HAVE to do throughout the day, and in fact do quite a bit. The answer, my friends, is walking. Some may see it as a burden to walk around from class to class, however it can be re purposed into a sort of meditation. Instead of being one of those power walking suburban moms you might see in the morning (no hate, do yo thang), try halving your speed for one walk and see how it feels. Sounds weird, but just do me a solid and try it out. Now I’m not here to prescribe you anything, like 3 slow walks in the morning followed by super-sets of meditations and hot green tea, but I am here to get you to try it at least once. Without the rush, I bet you’ll notice things you didn’t before, whether its birds chirping or leaves fluttering or the sun shining (bah e’re in Ireland, what am I talking about).

This is a simple life lesson in slowing down to enjoy the small details, to realize that whatever you’re going to do, wherever you’re going, it’s the journey that holds the most opportunity to learn. Some may say nothing significant is learned in the 15 minute walk to class, however it does allow yourself a minute to breath. Without getting too philosophical, society seems to constantly look into the future for everything, like what are we going to do after college, where we are going to work, or what the weekend plans are, such that we forget about the week itself.

 Forget that. Take a slow walk. Soak up the fact that you’re here to learn, to enjoy life, and to live your best life. That lab report can mind its own business, I’ve got birds to watch.


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