5 Tips for Surviving Life in Limerick and at UL!

Moving to a new city can be super difficult, and often feel like you are completely starting over! This can be so much harder if you’ve have never lived on your own before (like me)! Here are just some suggestions and tips for living life at UL!

Tip 1:

Try to get to know your housemates! I was super lucky with my housemates, all of whom were so social! This made it so much easier to find my footing when I had other people there for support!


Tip 2:

Invest in a leap card! This will save you so much money when travelling around Limerick. I never actually got one, and regret how much I have probably spent on transport!! Pretty sure you can just pick them up at the student’s union!

Tip 3:

Dromroe Aerial ViewIf you’re living in Dromroe Village, make sure not to lock yourself out of your room! To lock your door in Dromroe, you put your key card in then shut the door. Which means if you walk out, the door is locked and you left your key card in the room, you’re locked out! If reception isn’t open it, it means security has to let you in. Not only is it kind of embarrassing, but it also costs you €10!!

Tip 4:

Also with Dromroe, if you’re getting something from the vending machine in the laundry, don’t get a Wispa bar! My housemate spent double the money after her bar got stuck twice! We ended up attempting to get the bar out with a metal coat hanger, which, as I’m sure you realise, does not work!! Don’t risk it, get a twirl instead.

Tip 5:

Get the 304 bus into town. The 304A takes you the long way around and its just a waste of your time! Saying that, the 304 is never on time, either late or early so if you need to be in town for an appointment, get the bus earlier than you need, especially around peak hour!

Tip 6:

45a03a880336da7a660de60511fc0edcIf you forgot anything, or need to go to the shops, Penny’s is your best bet. Super cheap and they typically have almost everything you could need!

These are just some handy tips for beginning your exchange/Erasmus here at UL! Hopefully it will make your life a little bit easier at the start!


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Brianna Dos Santos, Australia


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