The Irish music scene: Beyond trad music and Riverdance

If you ever wondered about the music scene in Ireland, check out this list that I have prepared to introduce some of my favourite Irish bands. This list will help you tune in to some good music made in Ireland.

I start this post by introducing the most famous Irish band of all times: U2. They have so many great songs that is hard to pick one favourite, but I dare to say that my favourite is “The ground beneath her feet”.  Since I came to Ireland, I have this dream to see them live. Luckily, they are touring this year, and I finally got tickets to see them in October!!! I am so excited, I am counting the days!!!

The next band I am going to talk about is Aslan. Aslan was destined to follow in U2’s footsteps to worldwide fame. Unfortunately, like many talented artists, the lead singer, Christy Dignam, succumbed to drug addiction. After a few years struggling, he overcame his addiction and the band is back together. I saw them live at the Big Top in Limerick last December! Christy Dignam’s voice is unreal!!! My favorite song is “Crazy World”, check the video below from The Late Late Show, RTE.



Snow Patrol is another famous Irish band. They have a number of hits, but became famous worldwide after the release of “Open your Eyes”.

Westlife is a famous Irish boy band from Co. Sligo. From the many hits they released my favourite is  “Uptown Girl”. After the band split, some pursued solo careers with a degree of success.  My favourite song from Shane Filan’s solo career is “Knee Deep in my Heart”.

Although The Pogues are a punk rock band, they released a Christmas song that became hugely famous.  All Irish people (including Bridget and Eamon in the picture below) will say that Christmas without playing “Fairytale of New York” is not Christmas.


(Bridget and Eamon is a TV series broadcasted by RTE)

The Cranberries is a band formed in Limerick. Earlier this year, the band’s lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan passed away. Their song “Zombie” is haunting and one of my favorites.

3Thin Lizzy is one of my favourite bands of all times. One of their greatest successes “Whiskey in the Jar” was recorded by Metallica in the late 90’s. But with no hesitation, my favourite song is “The boys are back in town”. I even read the biography of Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy’s front man.

Enya is an Irish singer from Co. Donegal. She started her career as a member of the Celtic band Clannad. Enya was a huge success in the 90’s (I remember my mother had her cassette tapes and used to play for me when I was a child). Enya was even nominated to best song in the Oscars for “May it be”. Nowadays, she lives a quiet life as a recluse in her castle in Dublin. She does not perform anymore.

Sinead O’Connor is an Irish singer from Dublin. She is best known for recording Prince’s “Nothing compares 2 U”. Sinead has a powerful and haunting voice, best portrayed in the song “The Foggy Dew”.

4I remember that my mother had Sinead O’Connor’s LP record when I was a kid because the front cover of the record had this beautiful and powerful face of a woman with shaved head.

Mundy is an Irish singer best known for the song “Galway Girl”, not Ed Sheehan’s one. When “Galway Girl” plays in a party, every Irish person sings it along. It is great craic.

Apart from the above list, there are tons more of talented Irish musicians/groups. To name just a few, see below:

  • The Coronas is band from Dublin. My favorite song is “Just Like That”.
  • Hermitage Green is a band from Limerick, my favourite song is “Not your Lover”.
  • Walking on cars is a band from Co. Kerry. They debuted with the song “Always be with you, but my favourite song is “Speeding cars”.
  • Nathan Carter is a sell out country singer, although he is originally from England, he reached fame in Ireland and he is mostly known for singing “Wagon Wheel”.
  • The Script is a band famous worldwide. They have a list of successful hits, one of my favourite songs is “Before the worst”.
  • Picture This is a band from Co. Kildare. They debuted in 2015 with the song “Take my hand”.
  • Kodaline reached worldwide fame a few years ago. They also participated in the music “Raging” by Kygo.
  • Hozier, is a singer from Co. Wicklow best known for his song “Take me to church”, however my favourite song is “Someone new”.

So there you have it my very brief run through of Irish music that you can check out. 

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