Preparing for Exams

So most of us don’t like exams but hey, we all haven’t got a choice…

Get ready! Set!  Go!


First, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Hey I have got this”


#1. Eat well: A healthy body produces a healthy mind.

#2. Study early enough. Try not to leave your studying till the last minute.

#3. Practice past questions. That is the best way to know that you know what you know.

#4. This might be the time to download some helpful apps: I discovered some student friendly apps – Exam Countdown (this helps to let you know the exact time you have left till your exam and kinda helps you prioritize), Google Translate( for students whose field of study is either a foreign language or even have friends who are not very familiar with certain English word… this App is a whizz at that) and My Study Life( which helps you manage your study life and you can easily pick up from where you left off)

#5. Don’t get burnt out: Don’t try to do too many activities at the same time. For those who work and study or those with families, try to get some “me time”

#6. Organise group discussions: This usually helps as ‘it’ always seems to always stick better when you or your study mates talk about a topic.

#7. Get ample sleep: It is important to allow you brain to rest from all your massive daily activities – group studying , lectures, private study, assignments etc.

#8. Give sufficient time before deadlines: Assignments! Assignments! Assignments! Work towards meeting your deadlines for submissions at least two days before your submission date. Imagine the submission is a day earlier. This will push you to work towards submitting earlier.

#9. Break times: Take breaks in between studying. Studies have shown that taking breaks helps in long time knowledge retention otherwise, it might become counterproductive.

#10. Hydrate yourself: Drink lots and lots of water.

#11. Finally, DON’T MISS YOUR EXAM.



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