UL- Not Just International Experience but also International Exposure

There are various reasons why UL is best and the right choice for students and those reasons may fall under some category like employability rate, better life experiences or may be accommodation facilities and justified fee structure. I also did the same research while choosing UL and in all aspect, I found it the best and chose to pursue MS in International Management and Global Business and its going great.  I also looked at one of the major criteria which was an international trip for almost all the business courses here at Kemmy Business School. Every year the university arranges an International business trip and hence gives an opportunity for current students to gain different learning experiences, pushing you out of your comfort zone and gives you international exposure. This year we the International Management class got an opportunity to explore Cape Town, South Africa.


The Business trip to Cape Town was really a life changing experience for me and it has brought in me a great positive attitude towards life. I was amazed and simultaneously shocked after learning about the history, culture and political issues of South Africa. The itinerary was so well planned and organised to take care of everything I desired for. We reached Cape Town airport on 9th of January 2018 and then to Portswood hotel as per itinerary. The hotel was very near to V&A waterfront which was another fantastic place.

2.Our first activity to Two Oceans Aquarium was so amazing and it gave me a chance to capture some of them and specially penguins who were walking in a line as if they were trained to do so. The next day we went to University of Stellenbosch and it was such an amazing campus. We had 3 different short seminars and were related to South Africa’s culture, economics and politics. I was amazed and shocked both at the same time when I got to know about the history of the different races and how they are distinguished.

3.The trip was planned for us to get to know about NGO’s in Cape Town and help them in advancing with the use of new ideas and technology. We went to different NGO there and interviewed the owners and later worked on a presentation for them showcasing better opportunities in Cape Town. On 11th January we went to the Sustainability Institute and I was so amazed to see how this village was running on their own. Then we had a session on the same and we got to know so many things around sustainability. Later in the afternoon we went to a township named Langa. We got a chance to have lunch with the people living there and it was proper traditional lunch with music and all. We all also played some instruments and had fun over the lunch. Overall it was a great day together and we came back to hotel by evening.

The next morning, we left for Table Mountain and the cliff and the scene was serene and mesmerizing. The best nature could be seen from the cliff and the mountains. I was lost into the winds and the nature and capturing them in my DSLR. The best experience was Wildlife Safari and it was truly a sobering experience.  Coming within meters of the world’s biggest, often most dangerous animals, witnessing them in their natural, undisturbed environment was frightening, surprising and heart-warming for me.


Overall this International academic trip was a great learning for me. The life time experience was amazing and I still talk it about frequently at college and with my friends.

I would recommend everyone who is planning their higher studies to choose UL because of its pleasant atmosphere and its international approach towards learning. The campus is provided with such great facilities and staff are so cooperative. For more information about UL you can contact me on Instagram @born_confused_me.

Sanjeev Kumar


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