Filipa & Jubileu take Ireland! Part 2: Breath-taking scenery and a Christmas event

Hi, everyone! We’re back! This time, I wanted to take you on a photographic tour of the places Jubileu and I visited in Ireland so far (Spoiler alert: these are probably a few of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see!). So, sit back and enjoy! 😀

Inis Oírr, one of the Aran Islands


The boat ride there is the craziest but it is more than worth it, the place is genuinely magical!

Cahir, Co. Tipperary


It has a really interesting castle and a beautiful park right across from it!

Connemara National Park, Co. Galway


One of the most wonderful places I’ve visited in Ireland, with great hiking trails for the most adventurous, like Jubileu!

Kinsale, Co. Cork


Beautiful port town with a very interesting fort nearby (Charles Fort)!

Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry


There’s a bus from UL that passes through Killarney every day! I’d recommend you pay for a tour there, so you can visit all the amazing places in this incredible nature-filled place!

Spanish Point, Co. Clare


Rocky beach where a few Spanish ships wrecked in 1588!

Comeragh Mountains, Co. Waterford


Incredible view from the top with a beautiful lake in the middle!

Light Up Limerick!


It’s no secret that Jubileu and I love all things Christmas related, so when we heard about this event, we just had to go! And guess what? It was just perfect! It started with live Christmas music and ended with a countdown to the lightening up of all the Christmas lights in the city…with an amazing firework show! If you come to UL around during the first semester, this is something you can’t definitely miss!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Any questions, feel free to ask 😊 Until next time!

Thanks to Filipa for sharing her adventures with us! Check out University of Limerick


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