Erasmus in Ireland: Top 10 Highlights

Ana Rodriguez Fontan is a Spanish Erasmus student at University of Limerick, Ireland. Here she shares her highlights from her first semester in Ireland!

My first semester at UL is going to be over and I can not believe it! Time goes so fast while you are having fun!

Here I come with my top 10 trips/events I have done so far. However, they are not ranked in order of preferences, that would have been impossible! Hope you enjoy reading these, and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any recommendation or a further explanation of any of these!


Since I came here, 3 months ago, I’ve been in Dublin 5 times. In my opinion, Dublin is the perfect city. It is not very big and you can see almost everything in 2-3 days. The best way to get there from the University is by bus. There are two main bus companies: Dublin Coach and Bus Eireann- Expressway. Dublin Coach is a little more expensive, however, Bus Eireann takes ages to get you there. For any recommendations (clubs, restaurants,…), write to me!


Adare is a very small village near Limerick. It is considered one of the prettiest villages in Ireland. The main, and almost only, street of Adare has a beautiful stone building, a medieval abbey and a beautiful park. There are some places to eat there but if the weather is good, it might be better to hang around the park with a sandwich. You will spend a perfect time there!



Watching the Munster Rugby team win in their home stadium was, without any doubt, one of my best moments here in Ireland. I went with some friends and we all were encouraging the team with red t-shirts and scarves. We were so in the environment that we screamed when they scored points, sang all the songs and also drank one beer! The €1 euro it cost (with the student ID card) were really worth it!


It is known that the Oktoberfest is a German party. However, it is celebrated in many other cities all around the word, including Limerick! It was held inside King John’s Castle, which I found very cool! We all got dressed with the German traditional clothes and we had so much fun dancing to German music!

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These are the most famous cliffs in Ireland, and they are really spectacular – I recommend everyone going there. I have already been there twice and both times the weather was very, VERY, windy. Nevertheless the views are really worth it and if some friends or family is coming to visit you, without a doubt you should take them there! They will love it!


The day we went to visit Galway was the perfect day. The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed the city. We took some great photos because the city is really beautiful! I am sure next semester I will go back more than once.


The weather when I went to Cork was totally different. It rained so much that we could not visit anything. However, we went to an Italian restaurant and ate some of the best pizzas I have ever eaten and we had so much fun singing and dancing under the rain! I will go back next semester to know the city better!

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Although the University is well connected with the city centre by the bus 304, there is a spectacular walk along the banks of the River Shannon. If you are lucky with the weather, as I was, you will really enjoy the 40 minutes walk to the city. There are always people jogging, walking their dogs, cycling,… And you will also see swans!



This last Sunday, 1 9th of November, was the “Light Up Limerick” Christmas event in the city centre of Limerick. I had never seen something like this before. Everyone started a countdown and when we arrived at zero, all the Christmas lights in the city turned on. Moreover, there were also fireworks in the sky. Absolutely beautiful!


One of the several trips that the International Society organised was going to the Ring of Kerry. We saw many beautiful places such as Killarney, Kildare, the Ladies View (panoramic views of three lakes and mountains), the Torc Waterfall (beautiful surrounded by trees) and the Muckross House and gardens, among others. Don’t miss the opportunity of going, totally recommended!


Limerick is not home for the best parties ever. However, there is always party somewhere. Every Friday, for example, the International Society organises an International Night in the Stables Pub. And, of course, there are many clubs in the city which are really fun. Just find your favourite one and enjoy!


Thank you to Ana for sharing her Erasmus story! Interested in studying in Ireland? Check out University of Limerick.

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  1. iveuthey says:

    Excellent blog! Very well explained all the different places in Ireland. I love to take students from spain there and show trhem how you can learn and have fun in an excellent friendly atmosphere, irish are great!


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