The Old Fire Station: Limerick’s Newest Vegan Friendly Café


Foodies of Limerick – check out this review of the brand new Limerick vegetarian/vegan restaurant by UL international student, Angie Wiesgal! Check out her Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Limerick while you’re at it. 

The wait is finally over!

A new vegetarian restaurant is here in Limerick. It’s called The Old Fire Station and it keeps things fresh every day by changing up their menu.

The menu may look small, but there is always something new and a lot of variety with an emphasis on fresh, in season produce and there’s always at least a few vegan options.

You’ll never know what you’ll find at this restaurant, so keep an eye on their Facebook.


I went to The Old Fire Station with my fiancé. I am a vegetarian who eats mostly vegan and my fiancé is not a vegetarian, but mostly eats vegetarian anyway since we cook together. We looked at the menu and saw a halloumi focaccia sandwich, one of my fiancé’s favourite dishes and decided we had to go.

The restaurant is located at 35 Thomas Street. It is a few blocks away from the shops in the city centre, but nothing in Limerick is ever too far away, so the location is decent, in a quieter area.


The restaurant has a decent amount of seating and the day we went (a Saturday), we didn’t have to wait very long and the service was fast and efficient. The ambiance is relaxed and the music selection, rock and R&B music from the 60s, was a plus.

I ordered the curry of the day, which was hot and sour aubergine with rice. The food tasted fresh. My fiancé ordered the halloumi focaccia (this is vegetarian – halloumi is a cheese from Cyprus), which came with a choice of two salads (which are vegan): he picked a cucumber salad and a cauliflower and rice salad. We both enjoyed our food and found it tasted fresh and it reminded us a lot of our trip to London and Brighton (actually, that trip was the first time my fiancé ate halloumi).

The restaurant has a lot of baked goods: scones, cakes, and cookies, most of which are vegan. We ordered a lemon cake for dessert. I do not usually like cake, but I really loved it. It wasn’t too sweet at all and the texture was good, a lot better than non-vegan cakes. The cake was so good, I didn’t manage to get a picture of it.


My only complaints are there’s no delivery and the portions are a little small for the price. However, the food is very filling. That being said, I definitely would come back!

The Old Fire Station is Limerick’s answer to Greystones’ The Happy Pear. If you like the food at The Happy Pear, you’ll like The Old Fire Station. The Old Fire Station also reminds me a lot of the restaurants in Brighton, with an emphasis on healthy food and fresh ingredients.

If you are in the city centre, you absolutely should check out The Old Fire Station. It’s great for vegans and omnivores alike.

Thanks to Angie for writing this for us! Check out her Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Limerick!

Angie Weisgal

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