Lindsay Nygren, USA: Why I Chose UL for my Master’s

Lindsay Nygren, University of Limerick alumn from Arizona, USA, shares why she chose Ireland & UL, and where her Master’s course has taken her.  

Why Ireland?


After deciding to pursue a master’s degree the next decision was where. At first I was only looking at schools in the US, but with steep tuition and long program lengths it wasn’t ideal. That all changed after a short trip to Ireland when I talked with a local guide about my bachelors in tourism and she recommended I look at schools in Ireland due to their active tourism initiatives, leading me to the Kemmy Business School at UL. After considering the Master’s in International Tourism, I ultimately chose the Master’s in International Entrepreneurship Management program due to its more practical approach and real-world application.

Why UL?

020910 ULcampus 30.jpg

Once I had decided on Ireland, a main reason I chose to study at UL was the responsiveness from both the international office and my course director during the entire process. I felt like I was actually acknowledged, not just a number to add to statistics.  Further research into opportunities provided also significantly impacted my decision. The international activity and different programs attracted me and I knew I wanted to be as involved as I could in the cultural programs, from societies to the buddy program and being a student ambassador and Resident Assistant. I feel this gave me a great start to my time at UL because I was able to have contacts and friends as soon as I landed, immensely helping me to adjust to my new home and life in Ireland.

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Why Entrepreneurship?

My course itself was designed around modules, team projects, a final business simulation and the choice of a traditional thesis or a strategic commercialization plan. The semesters centered on large projects in a majority of the modules; some groups were assigned, others were free choice and you stayed in these groups the entire semester. The projects ranged from building a marketing plan, creating and developing a business model, intensive project management and applying financial strategy and analysis. I feel this master’s program gave me essential skills for any future career and opened many new paths as well.

What are you doing now?

Image result for kemmy business school

After graduation I knew I wanted to stay in Ireland but had to make a choice between either working under the 1-2 year graduate scheme or continue my studies and pursue a PhD. After debating back and forth I ultimately decided to stay at UL to research expatriate management in the Kemmy Business School. I’ve only just started but I’m excited to see where these next few years will take me!

Thanks to Lindsay for sharing her story with us!

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  1. iveuthey says:

    Hi! I was Reading you post about Irish people and I agree with you helpful and nice carácter. They made me feel great!


    1. That’s so good to hear! 🙂


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