7 Ways UL Promotes Balanced Student Life

American postgraduate student at the University of Limerick, Ahnika White, explores the 7 most beneficial services and initiatives offered by the university to it’s students


  1. Clubs and Societies

UL takes pride in the sporting culture here on campus—our incredible sports arena is a testament to that—and there is just as much pride in the various student-run sporting clubs here at UL as well as their societies. While all are independently run by the students, the support from UL allows the clubs and societies to access resources from the Student’s Union, the University of Limerick Sports Department, and the University of Limerick Arts Office. Financial support is offered by UL, so most clubs and societies only ask for a semester membership fee of €5-€10.

  1. Learning Resources Centers

The Regional Writing Center, the Maths Learning Centre and the Science Learning Centre, provide students (both undergrad and postgrad) support in their academic studies with resources to aid in their development of critical thinking and understanding. Between all three centres, students have access to tutors, drop-in hours, exam preparation, and seminars & workshops to further strengthen their confidence in their respective academic concentrations.

  1. Counseling Services

Whether you are an international student, first year student, or a returning student, life at university is stressful for every one at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 minutes away from home or 10 hours, the strains of life at university can affect a student’s health and wellness and make you feel isolated in your worries. UL is more than aware that when this happens providing drop-in and scheduled appointments through their profession psychological service, as well as hosting weekly well-being workshops to assist its students and promote a healthy mind.

Counselling Service UL

  1. UL Sports Arena

The UL Arena is one of the largest sports and events facilities in Ireland, and its right at your finger tips. Inside you’ll find the National Strength and Conditioning Center, an Olympic sized pool, a Cardio-Fitness center, and the Arena offers group fitness classes. You can buy a semester pass, or pay day-by-day for the facilities or classes. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

  1. University Hosted Events

As student we work hard, and UL knows that! There are opportunities all over campus to help you catch a break from your studies. From International Night at the Stables, to tea parties at the Plassey House, or concerts and movies hosted at the University Concert Hall, UL has alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for all its students encouraging them to take time to unwind and visit with friends.

  1. The First Seven Weeks

An initiative to help transition new students into life at UL, it provides tools, resources, and events that promote socialization and the development of skills that students need to flourish within this level of study. Swing by their Hub on campus (directly beside the Students’ Union) for any questions or concerns you have during your first few (seven) weeks on campus, or to check out any events they may be hosting.

UL First Seven Weeks

  1. Students’ Union

There is little that the UL Students Union (ULSU) doesn’t do. They are a representative body for all the students at UL and offer advice from legal matters to academic matters. They provide information regarding the dozens upon dozens of clubs on campus, offer a common space equipped with pool tables, arcade machines, a jukebox, plenty of seating, and even offer discounted fairs for weekend day trips around the surrounding counties. What better way of rewarding a week well done than spending a day jaunting around Blarney Castle?

Ahnika White is a postgraduate student pursuing an MA in English Literature at UL. 


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