Mature Student’s Journey to UL: From Minnesota via Taiwan!

Jennifer Lentz is a mature student at the University of Limerick, studying English teaching. Here, she tells us about her journey to UL, from Minnesota via Taiwan! 

Welcome all! I am ecstatic about being apart of the University of Limerick’s ambassador program. My blog will be about my journey here, what I learned, my triumphs, disappointments as a mature student. I encourage everyone to ask questions or contribute thoughts, ideas and feelings if you like.

Previous to coming to Ireland, I was living in Taichung, Taiwan, teaching English as a Foreign Language. The thing you have to understand is that I didn’t have any experience in doing this. My background is actually in photography but I couldn’t find a job in my field after I graduated. I know, I know, you have probably heard this story before but bear with me. I spent a month getting certified to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and off to Taiwan I went.


Two years into my four years there, I figured out that this was my calling. I was good at it, I loved doing it and received immense satisfaction from my job but I wanted to learn more. Over the course of the last years I was there, I researched schools, made lists and narrowed it down to 3 schools out of close to 30. Limerick was my first pick. Out of all the schools, for my field, Limerick had the best reputation and after my Skype interview with two of my current professors, I knew I wanted to be apart of the program and the school.

The moral is that not only is the University of Limerick a great school but it is also never too late to try something new, find a new path, take a chance and surprise yourself no matter your age.


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