My first Impressions in Ireland

By Mubashra Rashid, UL International Student

Hi, my name is Mubashra and I am from Germany. In this blog I am just going to write about my first week in Limerick and about the new things in Ireland so far.  I arrived in Limerick at the 15th of  January. From Germany I flew to the airport of Kerry and when I arrived there I was a bit shocked, because in my entire life I’ve  never seen such a tiny airport. For me it was really strange, because there where just a few counter and only one plane at the whole airport. After that I took the bus to Limerick and I was just waiting for my bus, which had a delay of 30 minutes, which is really untypical in Germany. But when the Bus arrived it was really nice to drive through Ireland and Kerry. The landscape is really beautiful and I just explored it by sitting on the bus.


The next day I just went to the City Center of Limerick, which was completely different from my expectations and of course it was raining that day. I just went to Penny`s which in Germany is known as Primark and bought some stuff for my new room. Afterwards I went grocery shopping and I realized that we have an Aldi and a Lidl in Limerick too, I didn’t know that, so when I saw these stores I felt like being in Germany, it was a weird feeling. But I recognized that even Ireland has Aldi and Lidl they have a different assortment as in Germany. To be honest I just went to the Aldi  to get some meat free stuff, like Tofu etc., because in Germany Aldi has a huge offer of products for Vegetarians. In Limerick it was the complete opposite, I just found a huge never ending fridge with meat and cheese. So when I left Aldi I was sad, because I didn`t get what I wanted to, but it`s okay now. I was just shocked that the normal discounter to not have any options for Vegetarians, a few days later I found some stuff at Dunnes, but it was awful. I am not going to buy it anymore, but it was a experience though. It is really nice and interesting to see the differences between the home county and Ireland. Whereas both are not that far away there are so many differences in Food, Style and Culture. In my first week I already learned so many things about Ireland, for example the bus is never on time, if you meet Irish friends they are never on time,which in Germany is counted as really rude, but I never mind, because I love it how the Irish people just live their lives, without hurrying themselves from one place to another. I learned that here in Ireland it is possible to get every season of the year in just one day. At the morning it`s cloudy, during the day rainy than suddenly the sun comes up and only a few minds later the rain and wind starts. It`s really strange, but I am so happy to study here in UL and I am already in love with Ireland.

The Ul is amazing they are so well organized and the Orientation week was awesome. Last weekend I went to the trip to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher. The trip was so much fun, I really love it. The only mistake I made was that I was wearing white shoes and I just slipped in the mud and fall down, it was really funny but my whole clothes and shoes became so dirty, so I was looking like a little pig in the mud, but I never mind, because this is a memory I will remember for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to an incredible memories and time in Limerick. I am just so grateful to be here!


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