How far is it from Brown Thomas?

By University of Limerick International Student Ambassador

There is a general recommendation, that you should walk at least 10,000 steps a day, so your joints don’t rust and you keep fit. For a student, having to read and write a lot and sitting down all the time for it, this can actually be quite challenging. Or so I thought. 10,000 steps, this seemed quite a huge number, so I tested myself. As the annually “10,000 Steps Challenge” by Smarter Travel was held, I participated and you know what, it was not hard at all!

But this event also made me think, how poor Brown Thomas is situated in the middle of the campus, but never gets to take one step to explore. That’s why I went the distance for him and for you! With this step count you can determine how many steps you it takes approximately, walking around the campus! Or how far Brown Thomas would have to walk, if only he could. The steps are measured starting at Brown Thomas, taking the most direct route.

How far is it to the nearest accommodation?

Dromroe Village: 480 steps

Plassey Village: 1010 steps

Quigley Residences: 1025 steps

Killmurry Village: 1070 steps

Thomond Village: 1105 steps

Cappavilla Village: 1105 steps


How far is it to the buildings north of you?

Foundation Building: 95 steps

Engineering Research Building: 165 steps

Millstream Building: 260 steps

Languages Centre: 275 steps

Health Sciences Building: 745 steps

Irish World Academy: 755 steps

Medical School Building: 835 steps

Sports Pavillon: 955 steps

How far is it to the buildings east of you?

Main University Academic Building, Reception: 90 steps

Plassey House: 295 steps

Students Centre, SU Entrance: 325 steps

Analog Building: 440 steps

Kathleen Lonsdale Building: 560 steps

Material and Surface Science Institute: 575 steps

Schrodinger Building: 625 steps

Physical Education & Sports Science Building: 630 steps

University Arena: 790 steps

How far is it to the buildings west of you?

Glucksman Library: 50 steps

Computer Science Building: 215 steps

Tierney Building: 525 steps

International Business Centre: 570

Robert Schuman Building: 610 steps

Kemmy Business School: 720 steps

So now, you can start adding up your steps each day! How many can you do, in a day?

Please note: I used a fairly accurate pedometer, but as everyone’s stride is different in length, these measurements are only an approximate guidance. Especially for tall people, whose strides will be bigger than mine, thus diminishing the number of steps it takes them to get around.

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