Drinks in Ireland: Guide

I consider myself a drinking connoisseur. Having a fresh cold brew is something else. I was excited to come to a country that has been enjoying beer longer than my country has been around. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but try not to miss these drinks

  • Irish Coffee: One of my favorite drinks. A fresh steaming mug of coffee mixed with cream, sugar, and Irish whiskey. I don’t consider myself a coffee addict, but I do enjoy coffee in the mornings. Therefore I was hesitant ordering something that might ruin a brew of coffee. However, the hint of Irish whiskey is just enough where it doesn’t overpower but provides a nice kick to the coffee. And a nice kick to your morning. An Irish coffee is a perfect drink to have on a cold afternoon. It is also a nice drink to sip on when you have a sore throat.
  • Guinness: Before I came to the motherland of Guinness, I tried a couple pints to have an idea what I would be drinking the next couple months. The American Guinness tastes absolutely horrible! However, my first real pint of Guinness was delicious and smooth. It is not a myth when people say Guinness is actually better in Ireland. The most important thing about drinking a Guinness is making sure you drink the Guinness correctly! Whenever you order a Guinness at a pub, the bartender will place the drink on the counter when the pint is about 3/4 full. Whatever you do, do not take the drink! Huge mistake! You would be a laughing stock for everyone in the pub if so. The pint must settle for about 2 minutes before the bartender tops it off. Once the bartender tops it off, many amateurs take a gulp right away. Huge mistake! Once the Guinness turns a dark ruby/black you then enjoy the smooth delicious Guinness.


  • Bulmer’s Irish Cider: A drink to enjoy. One of my go-to beers in California is an Angry Orchard. A Bulmer’s Cider taste very similar to an Angry Orchard. The Bulmer Cider has a little more carbonation than an Angry Orchard, but it still has the sweet delicious cider taste. A Bulmer’s Cider is perfect when you want a pint to relax and to enjoy quality and taste.


  • Fosters: At most pubs in Ireland, the cheapest is Fosters. Pubs and clubs can get expensive in Ireland, so Fosters is always a good go-to drink. Fosters is not the best tasting beer, but it is a decent beer for its price.cla1

By University of Limerick International Student Clayton Congdon

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