A journal Entry From Ireland…

My arrival into Limerick was smooth sailing. I left Monday night in Vegas at 8:45pm and went straight into London, which was roughly 10 hours. I watched a movie and passed out. From then I flew straight into Shannon. I got into Limerick Tuesday night around 10pm after taking the bus from the airport to the city then a taxi to campus. I then met the registrar and found out I would be living in Kilmurry Village house 6. The house has six people total, 3 girls on the top floor and 3 boys on the bottom, and they all happen to be from Creighton. I then went over to Stables, one of the pubs on campus. It was a long night for me but slept good that night. On Wednesday we had an orientation welcoming and had some troubles finding the building along the way. We came back after and took a nap. Later that night we went to a Chinese Restaurant right outside of the campus. We headed back to Scholars Bar for a traditional Irish Music Session and met our German friends Lydia, Phil, and Yaan. Thursday started at 9 am and we had more welcome week information. We got our tours of campus and walked for what felt like 10 miles. We got lunch at the store on campus, spar, and headed back for more information. After that, we took the bus into the city and got some groceries, towels, and bed linens. We came back to the house and played Irish poker, Mexican, and spoons. Then we went to Stables and talked to some Irish boys Daithí, Sam, and another boy who I can’t remember his name. We finally got back to our house around 1 in the morning. I’m looking forward to going to see the Cliffs of Moher!

Until next time…

Logan Lucas,

University of Limerick International

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